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February 16, 2019

The Exciting Nairobi Drama Draw

One of the most exciting things that a human being can experience nowadays, especially those who love sports, is a draw before a huge tournament.

This year we have seen two major draws. The first one, which was for the World Cup scheduled to happen next year in Brazil took place early this year. The second draw for the UEFA Champions League took place early this week.

 These draws are usually regarded as high end gala events and take place in swanky venues. They use the same formula which involves putting small balls with names of competing teams in small bowls.

The balls are then randomly picked by celebrities who show the name of the team going into the draw. This usually includes the “group of death.” This group is referred to by this name because it is the most feared team in the tournament.

 The systems used are very effective to ensure that every team gets a fair chance in the next tournament. Countries from the same continent go on different parts of the draw to ensure that there is variety in the tournament.

Where the tournament is within the continent like the case with the European Champions League, then the draw ensures that teams from the same country do not meet each other under whatever circumstances.

As I watched the Champions League draw on Monday, I realised that perhaps this could be a very good way for Nairobi folks to portray their issues, both positive and negative.

This is because over the last fifty years since we were liberated from our colonial masters, there has been a seemingly very strange and uncoordinated way of running things.

In fact if we are to be be honest, the way the affairs of our country are run can appear to be so random such that we might as well leave everything to fate. It couldn't be much worse on many occasions surely. If we decided that we would try this new method of running our affairs, I am sure it would be a very interesting affair to watch.

 The venue for this type of affair would most likely be the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi. It's not because this is the best facility we have in terms of amenities but because it has a history of hosting big events.

A good example is the March 4 election, which gave birth to new leaders. The other upside of using Bomas is that should people fail to clinch their preferred political offices, then they could easily blame the venue for their woes.

The draw would probably be conducted on a Monday evening. As you might know, Monday is the day many Kenyans remain in their houses as they recover from their weekend escapades and are more likely to be watching the TV.

The event would be run by a combination of new and older presenters to make people of all ages feel represented. The kick off would involve a resident who represents different parts of the city and the different income brackets they represent.

 Some of the represented parts would include Kileleshwa, Kibera, Runda, Eastleigh and Rongai. These estates would be represented by celebrities like Eric Wainaina (Kileleshwa), Octopizzo (Kibera), Joseph Hellon (Runda), Jua Cali (Eastleigh) and TPF contestant Fess (Rongai).

To make it fair, the problems and the joys we might come across in the year would be put in a pool then the draw would begin. With the betting control board looking on, it would be very exciting for us to watch because of the certainty of what we are likely to experience in the new, year.

For instance, we would be able to make plans for housing. Based on what we have been seeing this year, I would have loved to see the draw that brought out the year that is now ending. With the celebrities pulling the small balls and then showing them to the cameras, the draws must have come this way;


Vibrant city life.

Shopping at reasonable prices.

Bombs in vehicles.

Horrible roads.


Car jackings.

Living in an estate whose name is impressive enough.

Dry taps.

Regular blackouts.


Endless traffic and visa requirements

Fresh air for the residents.

Decent rents.



Paper cuts.

Lack of access to good quality blue cheese.

Bomb threats in residential malls.

Costly rents.

 Kibera – Group of death

Winning draws for all telecommunication firms.

Tourist attraction almost to world heritage status.

Buying water from retailers


Venue review: Summers Pub, Langata Shopping Mall

 When one has had a legendary night out in town, the aftermath can be physically unforgiving especially if they do not qualify for the easily accessible youth loans in Kenya. Either one should lie in bed cursing the world or do the next best thing, heading to a local 'kutoa lock' joint.

 Kutoa lock means getting yourself another drink to get rid of hangovers.

Last Sunday, I opted for the latter and headed to the Summer Restaurant in Langata to restart my day after an evening out in town.

The restaurant is in a mall which is currently under construction. This makes it a bit weird when you check in. I made my way to the back of the mall and settled down where I noted TVs screening the Nelson Mandela funeral. Another TV was screening a build up to a football match for a leading English Premier League.

 I ordered a cold Tusker which was retailing at Sh140. Kevin, a muscular barman brought my order and as I drank, I could hear Christian faithfuls singing very loudly from outside. This reminded me that I was not spending the holy Sunday in a way that my more upstanding brothers and sisters would appreciate.

The pub has two sections for those who want to have a good time. There is the inner area where I was seated and the outer area, which provides access to the road. For a bar in the estate, the décor is not too bad. Posters of popular athletes give the place a sporty feeling.

 The number of revellers was initially small but as the matches started the place was filled with what looked to be a mixture of ladies and gentlemen who are residents of that part of the city. Some gentlemen jopined me at the counter and we had some of the most intelligent conversations I have ever had in a long time.


A quick recap of the place;

Good: Reasonable priced drinks, clean washrooms, TV for the sports fans, fire escape.

Bad: Location not ideal especially for non-residents of the estate, disability unfriendly.

My verdict: I will go back on a Saturday to check out this place when it is kicking.

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