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January 24, 2019

Exclusive with Dhoom 3 star Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 opens with a big Dhoom this weekend and we managed to catch up with Aamir Khan on his role in this forthcoming Yash Raj Films (YRF) production. He was very excited to talk to us and is hoping you will enjoy watching the Dhoom experience as much as he enjoyed doing it.

Tell us about your role as Sahil in Dhoom 3:

In Dhoom 3 the character of Sahil while it’s a negative role, it’s not ‘negative negative’ as in what we normally understand negative. He’s not ‘Amrish Puri type negative. He’s not killing people. Like in Fanna I was responsible for many people losing their lives. It’s not like that in this movie. He’s a guy who has got a past and he hid his emotions and he’s doing certain things. He’s a character whom we hope wins your sympathy and that’s how I have approached the role.

You are the first Khan to have crossed the 200 crore at the box office. What are your expectations of this film?

(laughs) I was also the first Khan to create the 100 crore club! I don’t believe in numbers. People will think I’m just saying this and deep in my heart I want the movie to cross the 300 crore mark but the truth is that I want my movie to be a success. I want people to be able to say ‘Wow what a great time’. What excites me about 3 Idiots is not that it has done over 200 crores; that’s just a number, what excites me about 3 Idiots is that people have loved the film and that’s what I want for Dhoom 3 also.

There must be something similar in Dhoom 3 from the other two previously made.

Yes there is some similarity and you can expect everything the Dhoom franchise has and more. It is very entertaining, because up until now I don’t think there has been an emotional aspect to any of the other Dhoom films, so this is the first time you will see that in the Dhoom films.

No film will run on the strength of the star. I’m not out to outshine other actors. I’m just here to do what is expected of me for the role. I’m not even comparing Dhoom 3 with 2 and 1 because they were different films and what was required of them, they did that.

How was it working with Katrina, and Pritam as a composer?

I have also worked with Uday and Abhishek in Dhoom 3. The series itself is a brand name with Jay and Ali who are very loved character. It’s a project that has a lot expected of it. Katrina is a brand. I am a brand. YRF is a brand, so everyone working on this film is a brand in their own rights.

Working with Katrina has been a great experience. She’s a wonderful person with a great sense of humour, she likes chess and so do I and she’s very easy-going and fun person and I enjoyed working with her. I really enjoyed working with Abhishek and Uday as well.

Both of them are really fun guys. Pritam, I didn’t work with him much as all the song work was actually done by Victor. I met him on occasion and I did drop by into the studio to hear the songs but as far as I am concerned I wasn’t very involved with the music of Dhoom 3. I was very charged working or the first time with him though and I think he has done a fantastic job. As you know part of our promotion strategy is that we are not really giving out the songs and only 30 seconds promos. We feel the songs are really very special.

Did you at any point think the international feel of the film (it’s vastly shot in Chicago) may disconnect the local audiences in India?

No, not at all. It doesn’t mean that if I am a person who lives in the city I will only like to watch city films. Lagaan is not a city film but I love it. So it’s got nothing to do with ‘Are you a rural person and will only rural setting films appeal to you?’ The reason I’m saying is that Dhoom 3 cuts across as an entertainer. It promises you entertainment and the huge mass audience is going in for entertainment. Despite a lot of newcomers coming on the scene, big stars like you, Shah Rukh and Salman are still successful. Is this something to do with people being star-obsessed?

I don’t think Bollywood is star-obsessed. I think people are. The audience is start obsessed, which is not a bad thing because I was a big fan of Amit ji (Amitabh Bachchan). Was is actually a wrong word. I AM a big fan of Amitji, Dilip Kumar, Waheeda ji, Shammi Uncle. There is nothing wrong in holding a star in high esteem; they entertain you. They have a great role to play in society and are often under-estimated.

The focus seems more on you rather than Abhishek and Uday this time around.

No. In this case, I’ve not seen Dhoom 2, only Dhoom 1 and I didn’t feel that at all. When you see Dhoom 3 you will realise that it is about all the characters, because of the format of the series, the characters of Jay and Ali, each time the plot is propelled by the new characters, and their job is to catch the guy. Both of them have great roles and I think they’ve also done them fantastically.

How did you prepare yourself for your tap dance sequence?

Oh yes! That was a tough one. The film is not about magic. The film is about performing arts, which is like circus, gymnastics. So I was trained by people coming in from abroad to train us for these circus acts and I think at the end of the day we did 90 per cent of the work is done by Katrina and me. Tap dance was another sequence. I’ve always wanted to learn how to tap, all my life. It’s an attractive form of dance for me and I also love percussion a lot. Essentially tap dancing is almost like a percussive instrument because you are basically playing a table with your feet.

So, the title track of the film was to be a dance sequence with me and Adi (Aditya Chopra) said we would get someone from World Music to perform with me and then finally it was decided that I will tap dance instead. So we got in touch with the number one tap company in the world which is Tap Dogs and they did a performance in the Sydney Olympics amongst many others. When contacted they came on board and were very excited to do the film and it was a wonderful experience. First 10 days I trained in India and it was really very difficult. I then went to Sydney and the only things I was doing was my body building and tap dancing for four to five hours a day. It was a great experience.

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