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February 21, 2019

Shruti Hassan stalked, Bollywood divas feel unsafe

Sarika and Kamal Hassan’s daughter, Shruti Hassan, was early this week stalked right to her doorstep and attacked. It turns out that a spot boy was obsessed with the star and turned up at her doorstep. Bollywood divas now feel they are unsafe with all that is happening. They feel women in India are not safe from attackers and have expressed their fear and disgust.

Preity Zinta: "We need to look for remedial solutions to the horrendous atmosphere of uncertainty and fear that women have to face. Otherwise we will become more and more self-centred. We'll react to a crime only when it happens in our home. In five years there will be 500 other awful crimes against women, one more gruesome than the other. Are we supposed to just give up and only hope that those close to us don't get affected? Or are we supposed to hold candlelight vigilance after every such incident and then return to our normal lives? I am really quite lost on this issue now. I don't know what to do. Let the safety of women be a state issue. It's time to bring changes in governance. What we are witnessing is the death of the system. Only a miracle can revive it."

Swara Bhaskar: "Do I feel safe in Mumbai? Yes and no. Yes, because it is easy to get around and commuting is easy at any time of the day or night. And no, because I've been molested and harassed more than once in Mumbai. Very honestly, Mumbai is as unsafe as the rest of India. If you are a girl you've got to learn how to deal with it from a young age."

Sophie Choudry: "When I moved from London to Mumbai with my mum, we were convinced Mumbai is one of the safest cities in the world for a girl. Not anymore. The crimes against women in this country have become horrific. The fact that there is scant respect for law and order means women are seen as soft targets. When I bought a home my main concern was security. But at the end of the day whom can we be safe with, who's to be trusted? There are ghastly stories of women being attacked by watchmen and by their own house-help. If you are single and a girl you have to be on your guard constantly, and that's awful."

Richa Chadda: "Though Mumbai was until recently considered the safest city for women I have to confess I don't feel safe all the time. But then, do I feel safe in any other city? That's the question."

Amrita Rao: "The city is not safe at all for any working woman who steps out of her home. When I am shooting we have bodyguards to protect us from unwanted attention. But there are days when I want to hang out with gal pals. And we don't know where we can go without guys ogling, jostling, staring and making us uncomfortable. We certainly feel unsafe in the city. Recently I happened to raise my voice against a woman being thrashed by a rickshaw driver. A lot of injustice happens to women in this country between midnight and 5am."

Sonal Chauhan: "Safe in Mumbai? Not at all!!! We hear of a rape incident every second day. Every girl whether living with family or alone has to worry about what danger lurks for her when she steps out and when she gets home. We aren't safe anywhere."

Minissha Lamba: "It's a tricky question. I feel safer in Mumbai than I do in any city in India. Still, one can never be too careful."

Tannishtha Chatterjee: "I feel less safe than I did five years back."

Shilpa Shukla: "I feel safe where I am and wherever I go."

Tapsee Pannu: "I don't feel unsafe in Mumbai."



Some of the most memorable onscreen chemistry - non-sexual  though - between two guys:


Jai-Veeru in Sholay:

What a team of bravehearts. Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra teamed up in this epic film and gave friendship a new name – Jai and Veeru.


Sudhir-Vinod in Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro:

Sudhir Mishra and Vinod Chopra in Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro acted by Naseerudin Shah and Ravi Baswani, a twisted tale of murder, comedy and collapse of justice system.


Munnabhai-Circuit in Munnabhai series:

Munnabhai and Circuit stole the hearts of millions in the Munnabhai series. Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi may have been dons and on the wrong side of the law but this adorable duo had many laughing and eagerly awaiting for another installment in the series.

Kunal-Sameer in Dostana:

Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham are forced to act gay so that they can get a decent apartment to live in. One lie leads to another, often with hilarious results in Dostana.



She has ruled Bollywood for decades. Waheeda Rahman is surely one of the most respected and admired people in the Indian film industry. The veteran actress was awarded with the Centenary Film Personality Award for which she even received a standing ovation.

Sharing the podium with some of the most prominent international personalities like Susan Sarandon, Menzel, along with the evergreen actress, others who graced the occasion included Rekha, Rani Mukerji, Kamal Haasan, Nana Patekar and Jackie Shroff.




However much the desperate-for-attention chick may blow her own trumpet to up her market price, it is ridiculously idiotic to believe that someone has actually shelled out so much money for Poonam Pandey to shake a leg

Poonam may make big noises with her outrageous claims and wild pictures, but she should know where to draw the line when it comes to opening her mouth wide before quoting a random number as payment for her work.

Always in the news for her racy pictures she uploads regularly on Twitter, Poonam now claims that she has bagged a hefty deal for doing an item song in a Kannada movie. It was even reported that the Pandey gal was paid Rs 5 crore for the special song. “I am not revealing what I got. But yes, when I heard the money that they were offering, I kind of fell back. I reeled back and gulped. I wondered if I had heard right. Utne paise toh heroines ko bhi nahin milte,” boasted Poonam with her trademark arrogance. (Even heroines don’t get that kind of money.)

After her first film Nasha went unnoticed at the box office, Poonam is apparently trying every trick in the book to stay in public memory. Our buddies the birdies also inform us that she is not getting any meaty offers, as anticipated by the sex siren before the release of her debut movie. But Poonam has her take ready on all these reports. “After Nasha, where I had the author-backed central role, I didn’t want to do just a song and dance. But like I said, the money for that one number was more than what heroines get in Bollywood,” she repeated.

When A listers fight hard to clinch a deal that runs into crores to work in a movie, do you seriously think that the Pandey gal was offered Rs 5 crore just for an item song?


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