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January 23, 2019

Here is why I back Ronaldo and feel justifi ed by Leopards' win

Barcelona's Lionel Messi
Barcelona's Lionel Messi

I usually don’t appreciate international weeks because there are always big teams playing against insignificant ones and not up to par clashes that can fill my football desire.

There are also many meaningless games over many international weeks and I don’t care much for the friendlies. Yes, right now South Africa believes they can win the World Cup because they beat the World Champions and that’s why I never take friendlies seriously. But Christiano Ronaldo made this international week worth the while of any real football fan. I know Lionel Messi has been the most talented and consistent footballer in the world over the last couple of years, but the tide is changing. In the Messi Vs Ronaldo debate, I’m afraid that right now, I stand with the Portuguese guy who according to Fifa president Sepp Blatter, spends way too much time in the hair salon.

Ronaldo’s current form is out of this world while Messi appears to have stagnated; still brilliant, but stagnant. Ronaldo is getting better and better with each passing game and scoring four goals against Sweden in two World Cup playoff matches, is something to write home about. Portugal as a national team aren’t a world football power-house but as many football fans have said this week; a World Cup without Ronaldo would have a critical ingredient missing.

Thank heavens we don’t have to worry about that now as Ronaldo is in! On to local football and I need to congratulate AFC Leopards for winning the GOtv Shield. I had predicted a 2-1 victory for Ingwe and although it was 1-0, I believe I can still boast a little about getting the winner right.

I think I upset many Gor Mahia fans by predicting a loss for them but reading the body language of the two sides leading up to the final, it was pretty obvious that AFC would win. The over-confidence in the Gor camp was evident and yet they had finished the season on a low. A loss to KCB and a draw with Ulinzi on the final day, displayed a club whose season had ended the minute they won the league title. Next time they do need to learn to focus until the last day because on a player on player basis, the two sides were more than equal.

On to the KPL Footballers of the Year awards where many fans were left disappointed. I was also disappointed with several outcomes which I will detail on my blog where I have lots of space to rant and rave, but just so you understand the process of choosing nominees and winners.

This is all done by the 16 coaches of the 2013 Kenyan Premier League season. They vote on the nominees and they vote the winners. So if you have any beef with the selection, kindly have a word with the Coach of the club that you support. He is the person who let you down.

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