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November 21, 2018

Uhuru Ditch The Monkey On Your Back

President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo/Jack Owuor
President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo/Jack Owuor

Good morning Mr President – The numbers are in and the UN security council’s verdict is in - You need to deal with the ICC and get it over and done with. Let’s start with the numbers, since I never believed the UN security council was ever going to vote in our favour. Yes Sir – “our”. From the moment you took oath of office, the trial at the ICC was no longer yours it became ours. And when majority of Kenyans say you should go to the Hague and face these charges – these are not people who are against you, these are people who are with you. We understand that this is as much about us as it is about you.

The Ipsos Synovate poll released last week indicates that 67 per cent of Kenyan think the case against you is weak and that you should attend because you will emerge victorious and stronger. If ever there was a reason for you to take this on and get this monkey off your back – there it is.

In fact – should you chicken out and not attend as some of your “supporters” ( read boot licking politicians ), are suggesting you do – your popularity will plummet and worse still you will look weak and a coward – yeah I said it. If we believe the case against you is weak, surely you must validate that belief. If you wish to play politics with this, then let’s play.

The Deputy President seems to have taken this in stride. I hear he looks better for facing the monster than running away. Hon William Ruto may have had the same misgivings about this matter as you do right now – but you can tell once he took his plea and allowed his lawyers to get on with it – he owned it. He even sent the little circus of hapless clowns away. Supporters – kitu gain? What a bunch of joyriders? Yes they served their purpose for all of ten minutes and he sent them packing. He’s got this and good for him. Now it’s your turn.

Here’s what I know for sure – it won’t go away, you can’t wish it away and nor can we. I also know this, you have so much to do and you have shown so much promise, why not get rid of this yoke around your neck and get on with what you really need to do? Now, in spite of the fact that we burnt your airport, bombed a mall, lied to your face and engaged in other shenanigans that must have you pulling your hair out – you’re not doing too bad. Mr President, please, please get this thing behind you and also behind us. I think you are poised to redefine Kenya, re-write history and no matter what you do, this thing will taint every thing you do. Get rid of this monkey on your back.

Here’s my wish list to you: That you will address this nation and remind us that you promised to work with the ICC as you campaigned and you are a man of your word. That you will look us in the eye and ask that we pray for you and support you by not burning the country while you are away.

I hope you will send a stern memo to your cabinet and the governors, senators, reps and members of parliament and ask them to behave. I truly believe the only real support any of those people can show you, is holding fort while you’re away – anything else is just grand-standing.



“Juja MP Francis Munyua Waititu has even said he would quit as MP if Uhuru attends his trial”. Tell this one to go right ahead. He stays in office or he doesn’t, who cares. It doesn’t change anything, not even the price of calls. Eish.

Let me do away with the formalities for a moment because I need to get real.

Uhuru, the day you board that flight to The Hague, our collective heart-rates will go up. Some of us will cry, some of us will have chills, some of us will go very quiet, some will watch and sigh. None of us will be indifferent. You are a sitting President not a candidate. On the day you land at The Hague, we won’t move from our TV sets. On the day you take your plea – a nation will hold it’s collective breathe. On the day you take your first break and come home, no matter when you’re set to return for your hearings, this nation will once again stand still.

Uhuru – speak. Calm our fears and our concerns and validate our belief in you.

Uhuru call us to prayer – for Kenya. I’d like to believe the prayers of your mother for you will get to heaven before ours. The prayers we need are for Kenya.

Uhuru – jog up the steps of that plane – look back and wave and make sure you leave us with the sense that you got this.

Uhuru- ensure that our embassy rolls out the machinery when you land in Amsterdam. You are the sitting President of a Mighty Nation and people best recognise. This is as much about the psychology of a nation as it is about the reality. Tell the mickey mouse acts to stay away.

Uhuru – stand tall, take your time and when the charge is read – speak your truth clearly and loudly. Knowing that an entire nation back home is and hanging onto every word.

Uhuru - go to the ICC and get this Monkey off our back.

I have never been in two minds about whether you would go. So the Ipsos Synovate poll wasn’t really a surprise, it just confirmed that other Kenyans felt like I did. Oh – I got you a blanket. It’s cold in February. You’re going - Kenyans have spoken and 67 per cent of Kenyan think the case against you is weak and that you should attend because you will emerge victorious and stronger. Unless you know otherwise – we think you’ve got this – so go.

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