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November 21, 2018

LG G2 finally hits Kenyan market

The LG G2 smartphone released worldwide a month ago finally hit the  Kenyan market  last Thursday.  The phone is one of LG's bold attempts for a slice of the smartphone market currently dominated by Samsung, Apple and Huawei. It clearly stands as the best accomplishment from LG's design stable so far.

It comes with a 5.2 inch screen which might be a turn off to those who have used iPhone’s 4 inch screen buy a bonus to those who love big screens. The LG G2 is a well-built device with a plastic back that resembles Samsung’s, but is much sturdier and solid.


LG designers went completely out of the box by putting the physical buttons at the back and not on the side. At first using the phone is a bit tricky but once you get used to it it’s fun.

Through the phone LG also introduces a new kind of software called ‘Knock On’ which allows the user to turn the device on by just tapping the screen. Another feature introduced by LG is ‘Answer Me’ which allows you to answer calls by simply putting your phone on your ear.

Another plus of the LG G2 is that its speed is amazing! Applications don’t take long to load and the internet is really fast. The battery life of the LG is remarkable. It can go for a minimum of 24 hours with light to average use and over 12 hours of continuous use.

Good things also have their weaknesses. The G2's 13 megapixel camera, even with LED flash and optical image stabilisation takes very low quality pictures compared to other phones like iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5. You will also have trouble taking photos in low light situations. The sound level is low and the volume even when on maximum is not loud enough an indicator there could be a slight design problem with the speaker. The sound quality is however good, but not amazing.

Overall, the design is good, the battery life is unlikely to go off when you most need it and it has unique features. Priced at Sh60,000 the LG G2 is a good buy for those who love high end smart phones and provides a different experience from Apple and Samsung phones.



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