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January 18, 2019

Muyoti bitter after being shown the door at Leopards

CONFIDENT: Leopards coach Luc Eymael.
CONFIDENT: Leopards coach Luc Eymael.

Former AFC Leopards assistant coach Nicholas Muyoti has expressed bitterness over the way he was kicked out of the club a month ago.

Speaking for the first time since he and the Luc Eymael-led technical bench were shown the door, Muyoti said the management could have done ‘better’ for him.

“I have to be honest, I am very bitter,” said Muyoti. “I think I deserved better treatment but I understand they had to do what they did.”

“To be honest, I did not understand their (management) excuse for my dismissal. They said I am so used to the payers— claims, which I found shocking,” said Muyoti.

“There was a time they installed me as a stand-in coach and I fail to understand if their excuse holds any water.”

“I am a qualified coach having done my certificate and I know how to handle players,” said Muyoti. “Having been at the club for long, I understand them and their operations.”

“I feel I am still ready for the job but if they don’t think I am, too bad,” added the long serving former captain.

“I have done so much for the club and I feel I should have been judged on my performances. “As an upcoming coach, I needed to grow more with the club and be given the opportunity to work with whoever they wanted as the head coach until I am ready to be on my own.”

He said his dismissal is a reflection of what is happening to former players who have been abandoned. “Former players’ treatment has not been so good in this country,” said Muyoti. “Clubs should give their former players a chance to try their coaching skills, since if we don’t get experience at such a level, it will be very difficult to find a different entry level.”

However, he insisted he is not going to give up on his dreams of being a fully-fledged coach. “I am looking for a new challenge and hopefully if I get, I will prove them wrong (Leopards),” he added.

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