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January 17, 2019

My boys’ love for their sibling amazing

Mother and child reading
Mother and child reading

I love watching Tj and Toriah with baby Thayu. The way they fuss over him and work so hard to ensure he has the best they can offer. The arrival of the baby has made them so responsible it is amazing to watch.

The other day I needed to rush to the supermarket to replenish supplies. I had just fed Thayu and left him in his bassinet with Toriah watching over him. We have a new help and I was not yet very confident about her ability to mind the baby but somehow with Toriah there I was more at peace.

Tony and I left with instructions that we be called as soon as the baby began to fuss. When we got back an hour later we found a rather flustered Toriah rocking the baby.

The baby woke up shortly after we left and began to fuss, the help tried to call me but I had left my phone at home and somehow in the hullaballoo they forgot to call Tony.

What fascinated me though is the way Toriah kept his cool, he had changed the baby’s diaper and spent time rocking and singing to him till he stopped fussing.

By the time I got home, the baby was quiet though quite hungry. I realised then that my former baby was metamorphosing to a responsible citizen. Tony and I were over the moon.

That has not been the only pleasant surprise though, for the longest time I dreaded the fact that there would be drama if we got a baby as Toriah was quite comfortable in his role as the last born.

I knew they both claimed to want another sibling but I was not sure that they were being sincere. I realise now that they meant it and were ready for the associated changes. Not even once have I heard either of them complain about the work and the demands of a new baby.

Woe unto me if I delay for a minute before feeding their brother when they deem him hungry! Once I was in the bathroom when the baby woke up needing to feed.

Toriah ran to call me and when I told him to give me a couple of minutes he called back, “Put a full stop mom, the baby needs to eat now.” Sometimes their overwhelming love for their brother can be a tad annoying, more so when I have finally gotten him to sleep and they sneak in to cover him with kisses promptly awaking him; or when they want to hog him while visitors are waiting to hold the baby.

They don’t seem to get enough. Yet the truth is their genuine affection for the baby is a real blessing. It means I have ready babysitters, at least for now, and helpers.

As I watch the three of them I keep praying that the age gap will not be a hindrance and that the bond they seem to be developing will grow into an amazing friendship over the years.

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