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February 17, 2019

Time To Employ The Power Of Attraction

Tulips Restaurant, Kileleshwa.
Tulips Restaurant, Kileleshwa.

I often hear motivational speakers talk of the power of attraction. According to them, if you want something badly enough, then the universe will do its bit to ensure that you get your heart’s desire. To me this is simply hot air that motivational speakers sell to the gullible.

A story that broke last week, however, forced me to rethink my stand on these motivational charlatans’ gospel. Hot on the heels of the news that Turkana County had struck oil last year, there came an announcement that the once desolate part of the country had underground water.

Lots and lots of water. Seventy times of what we use in the whole country and to make matters even better, the water replenishes itself every year.

This was great news as water, or the lack of it, has for a long time been the bane of the northern part of the country. Turkana residents spend hours in search of this rare commodity to ensure they and their animals are adequately catered for.

It was the most sought after commodity after security and now that it has been found, things will surely change in that part of the country. Activists who have been regularly doing campaigns with colourful names like ‘Kenyans for Kenyans’ and ‘FeedKenya’ will have to look for other desperate cases to push for. No longer will the county be water-stressed.

The interesting thing for me though is the technology like satellites that was used to strike this aquifer that were before then unseen by men. This technology was what made it possible for the people from that part of the country to get their hearts’ desire.

Does this mean that perhaps if we focus on our innermost desires we too can get them? This is something we want to seriously consider. We might just get what we are looking for.

Take the need for reasonably-priced cosmetic products for example. Some people in this town have been accused of not being familiar with the concept using cosmetic products like cologne, underarm lotion, perfume and the like on a daily basis.

This accusation has especially come from those Kenyans who have been living in other cities around the world and are already clued in about these products.

If we are to focus all our power of attraction on fragrances, we could with the help of technology from Europe, miraculously find huge quantities of the stuff underground.

It will be so much that the country will henceforth stop being referred to as a fragrance-stressed country and we shall even possibly start exporting it as soon as our needs are met.

Then there is that other thing that we all want in the country with all our hearts; justice. This is a commodity that is severely lacking in our country whichever way you look at it, from the most prominent individuals to the common man.

The President and his deputy are currently facing charges at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. County leaders are slapping and punching one another.

At the citizen level, men are burning themselves and their kids in houses in anger. People are going on dates with lovely ladies and running away from bills, leaving the poor ladies peeling potatoes and washing dishes.

Others are poking others on Facebook willy nilly which can be a terrible thing to encounter. The concentration on justice may just see us employing technologies from areas where it is supposed to be plenty like in churches and mosques.

These technologies may find this justice stuff deep in our hearts and we can be able to do better for our people. The power of attraction can bring us so if we decide to put our minds to it.

And I can only hope that we as a city and country can decide what our priorities. We would then seek the technologies that would help us achieve the desires of our hearts.


Venue Review

Tulips Restaurant, Kileleshwa

Have a good time, eat, drink and catch up with friends while enjoying the warm Nairobi sun. That was the agenda for the Friday afternoon as I headed to Kileleshwa.

The friends, old and new, I was to meet up with had been at a book launch in Kileleshwa. When the time to have that drink came, the person in the group who lives in the area suggested Tulips Restaurant.

The parking lot was rapidly filling up with some of the best cars in town like Mercedes Benz, BMW and the top-of-the-range Toyotas when we made our way in.

The crowd here was clearly not the one you would find having chapati madondo at the many construction sites in our rapidly expanding city. The area also informed me that the punters here were likely to be a higher-end crowd.

This restaurant has two options. There is a one-storey building, which seemed to have been a home before it was converted into a restaurant. The restaurant has both an internal area and an ope-air one. Inside, a friendly barman was supplying the drinks to waiters attending to punters.

To the left of the counter, there was a TV where Sony Max TV was showing their ever-popular show, ‘Worlds Most Amazing Videos’. I saw a polar bear attacking a woman in a zoo and was surprised that I found the scene entertaining.

This can onlt be enjoyable if you are not the person being attacked. The restaurant outer area was reminiscent of so many Nairobi bars with the metal and wrought iron seats arranged around tables.

The best part of this restaurant as far as I was concerned was the garden area which had several small areas dedicated to groups of people. Large canvas umbrellas provided cover on some round tables.

Our group sat around one of these and waited for service as we chatted. The service was disappointing; we waited for nyama choma for two hours and the drinks were taking forever to come unless one shouted to the waiters.

In spite of the poor service, I have to say that I enjoyed my time at the Tulips Restaurant. The drinks were retailing at Sh200 which was much lesser than what expected in that part of town and the sun was shining which meant that we could sit and enjoy the Nairobi sun.

A quick recap of the venue;


Centrally located, decent decor, clean washrooms, sports fanatics can get their European football fix, emergency exits available and it is disability friendly.


Service needs a major overhaul.

My verdict

It’s a good place to meet with friends and have a lazy Saturday afternoon. Kids might appreciate the garden area so if you have a family, that might work out quite well.

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