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January 17, 2019

Gentlemen do not hit ladies

It’s been in the news, in your face (the news, not the slap) and even my children were talking about it so I guess it was bigger than just a storm in a teacup.

The video that was posted online said Rachel Shebesh had been slapped by Nairobi governor, Evans Kidero. Reading about the incidence in the Star online, I found out that Rachel had gone over to Kidero’s office with a bunch of goons regarding a disputed pay rise.

While watching, I could hear a lot of raised voices and shouting and next thing I hear is ‘Ayayayayaya you slapped me?’ being said several times. I was stunned.

Did Kidero just slap Rachel?! It couldn’t be! I watched the short video again and it was ascertained that’s exactly what had transpired.

Of course social media went crazy. Twitter is where we turn to first and catch up with just about everything with the poser of a hash tag, which denotes a trending topic.

Well, everyone seemed to be having their say on this, most of them laughing and then came the gender issues tied to the incidence.

He shouldn’t have done it because a man does not hit a lady. Actually I strongly agree with that, but not just as a one-way street. I strongly don’t feel anyone should raise the hand to hit anyone at all, whether man or woman.

Then, of course came the denial that this slap never happened. I followed the drama on Twitter and very tempted to tweet Mr Kidero back when he started justifying himself on his social media account but just let it be.

The thing is, I just don’t agree with anyone being slapped no matter ‘how much they deserve it’. If it’s ok to slap people who deserve it, soon it will be ok to kill people because they deserve to die. This is a very stupid opinion and not a fact.

Now there’s talk that there’s going to be no action as such and things have been settled. Okay, fair enough if everything got settled but how do you allow someone to slap you like that and you don’t take any action?

Seeing your prominent position Rachel, I’d have thought you’d lead by example and not take any such nonsense. You’re letting people think it’s ok to slap and be slapped.

Honestly speaking even my children were aghast at this, especially my daughter. Pre-teens have pretty strong opinions these days and when she read about this incidence she was quite vocal about it.

Rachel may have chosen not to take this matter further for whatever reason, but down in my heart I was somewhat glad that should my daughter ever be faced with such a situation, she is certainly not going to be the one to keep quiet about it or take things just sitting down. Also from the disgust that an eight year old can muster, I was happy note that my son said ‘Gentlemen do not hit ladies.’

I can sit back and sip my cup of coffee as I revel in this. The next generation I’m responsible for bringing up will not resort to violence to sort any kind of problem out because that is what I will keep instilling in them. Mr Kidero and Madam Rachel, I’m disappointed in both of you. Really, I am.

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