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January 24, 2019

The coach whose business is to lead people to success


Joyce Mbaya believes in people. And it is her business to get them to achieve their full potential.


In fact, as a coach, results in her business are measured by the level of empowerment and inspiration evident on her clients.


 A coach, motivational speaker, author and founder of consulting firm GIBÉBÉ, Mbaya launched the firm soon after representing Kenya in the globally acclaimed business show “The Apprentice Africa” in 2008 at the age of 25.


She says the number of people who approached her seeking advice on how to be successful, and asking to hear her story on how she managed such a feat at such a young age (she had beaten over 50,000 applicants to clinch the ticket at the show), spurred her to go into coaching.


“As any entrepreneur would tell you, in order to start a business you not only have to have a great idea but your great idea must “bother” you to the point where you have no choice but to do something about it,” says Joyce. And so she quit her job, working for a leading telecommunication company as a project manager to launch  GIBÉBÉ. The name is drawn from the success pillars that guide her coaching classes: imaGIne, BElieve, BEcome. The name is also related to the Swahili version, ‘Gibebe’ which means ‘to uplift yourself’.=


Today GIBÉBÉ has built a track record both at institutional and individual levels. The company delivers its coaching in form of classes that run over a period of time depending on the coaching area.  Their focus is on business, career and success coaching.


“Our flagship product ‘Awaken Your Potential’ which is an intensive eight week coaching program has been running since 2010 and we have been excited to see the popularity of the program grow,” says Joyce. “This year we expanded our offering so we can provide more programs at more affordable prices to enable as many people as possible to benefit.”


In definition, coaching is an ongoing relationship which helps people develop their capacity to think about things in new and creative ways so that they can accomplish their visions, goals or desires.


“Having a coach is like having a personal referee, someone to cheer you on and guide you towards your greatest achievements. People who want to accomplish great things often get stuck along the way. Coaching helps people get un-stuck,” says Joyce.


To make the coaching classes effective, she combines interactive and fun presentations, videos, activities, creative ideas, the arts among others. “Our goal is not only to empower others but to make the experience fun,” she says. “What we do is intensive and life changing but it does not have to be depressing; and we make it our mission to deliver innovatively.”


As a motivational speaker she has addressed many events across Africa. She recalls her first major event when she was invited to curtain raise for renowned international speaker Robin Sharma when he visited the country in 2010. She had just ventured into business. It was intimidating facing high ranking executives, but the accolades that followed boosted her confidence.


She has also written a motivational book similarly titled GIBÉBÉ, which inspires people to pursue their potential, while also telling her personal experiences – including from the Apprentice show. The book is available in digital form and hard copy.


As you listen to this computer science and mathematics graduate from the University of Central Missouri in the US, speak, her strong passion for coaching is evident.


Coaching is not only beneficial to individuals, but to organisations as well, she says. One challenge organizations face is that they invest significantly to train staff but after some time the staff revert back to old methods, that is, the knowledge from the training is forgotten or no longer applied. Joyce says coaching allows people go through a slower and long term process of personal development and then apply what they learn on a continuous basis, with the coach also monitoring progress and helping them overcome challenges that may be faced in applying the knowledge gained.


The greatest benefit that coaching offers in addition to training is the long term and sustainable results,” she says. “Whatever is learned and applied over a longer period is easier to sustain long term. It becomes ingrained into the work style and culture of the organization”.


Her happiest moments are meeting someone whose life has been transformed by her classes. “They all inspire me when I hear their stories and see their courage in working to apply the strategies we teach,” she says.



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