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February 16, 2019

The best positions for women

Valentine what sex positions do women enjoy most?


Why Edward, you succinct man, who obviously wants to leave a lasting impression… I too will get right to the point: Every woman is different but after about 20 minutes of attentive foreplay, there are a few positions that help you get right to the point.

1. Woman on top – this allows your partner to determine the pace, depth and intensity of the proceedings. You can encourage her to grind against you instead of simply going up and down as this will apply pressure to her clitoris.

2. Spooning – sex can be a lot of work for guys. A male friend once suggested that every woman should try lying down on her stomach then balancing her weight on her toes and elbows while rocking back and forth, just to get an idea of what men are dealing with during sex. Anyway, spooning entails you both lying on your side [like two spoons] with you behind her. This lazy position allows for a slow burn to orgasm.

3. Doggy style with pillows underneath her – depending on the size of your machinery and how fast and hard you want to go, doggy style can be painful, as your penis rams on your partner’s cervix. Placing pillows underneath her and having her lie on them will tilt her vagina so you can’t reach her cervix so easily. Also if she keeps her legs closed, her vagina will be tighter and you will both enjoy the extra friction. You can also lie on top of her and whisper all kinds of naughty things in her ears. And, because this truly is the position that keeps on giving, you can reach around and play with her clitoris mid-intercourse.

4. CAT –this stands for clitoral alignment technique and it is a simple variation of the quotidian missionary. Your partner needs to be able to bend her legs so that her knees almost touch her shoulders. You will lean your body weight over her allowing your pelvis to grind against her clitoris. It is not the most comfortable position for women but you won’t have to be in it long because Edward, it works like diamonds, high heels and chocolate rolled into one.

I am glad that you asked and are so committed to your partner’s pleasure. Carry KY, condoms and remember that women are not simple, just like Nairobi traffic, every day is different.




Ladies, if you man has erectile dysfunction, that is, he cannot get it up, please get him the doctor as soon as possible. ED is a symptom that something in his circulatory system is amiss and while we hope it is nothing, the best thing is to get clearance from a doctor. By the time a man is having a heart attack, chances are his wife or girlfriend has been unhappy in the bedroom.

 If you can get him to work out with you and eat a salad as often as possible, all the better.

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