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December 14, 2018

What I Wish I Had Known @20

Kiss 100 presenters Lynda Nyangweso, President Uhuru and Chipukeezy
Kiss 100 presenters Lynda Nyangweso, President Uhuru and Chipukeezy

 The last two weeks on The Kiss 100 Job corner have been fascinating for all of us at Kiss 100. We are thrilled and humbled by the people who have vacancies who take the time to write in to us and tell us to announce and post the vacancies. Muchas gracias

We also can’t help cheering for those who take the leap and apply for the jobs we put out there. The comments that can be silly not withstanding, it’s even better to see the number of people who view any given job post.

I used to think that only silly posts about politics, tribe, sex and relationship issues get large views, but looking at the insights and post views daily on my Facebook Fan page (, I can’t help but smile when I see that not a single job post has less than 30,000 views. Yap – 50,000.

However, let’s progress the conversation beyond getting that first job as a stepping stone to wherever you want go. The mission is to get you a job, so what happens once you get.

There are a few things I wish I had known in my 20s and looking back, it’s only right I share them with you. I’ve always believed you shouldn’t have to make all the mistakes in life yourself so you can grow. Learn from other people’s mistakes and at the same time, if someone else’s life lessons can help you leap-frog the process of growth – even better.

Let me start with things that are true to generation Lynda Nyangweso and Chipkeezy. I borrowed this first one from Forbes:

Be the First In & Last to Leave ­– I’m still amazed that this piece of advice shows up time and time again, yet young people have a tough time doing it. The way I put is simple.

All you have in your 20s is time and energy. Don’t be the 20-something who leaves at 5pm on the dot and wonders why no-one knows your name or even has a clue what you’re really capable of. I remember my early days at Capital Fm and bless Eric Ndavi and Evelyne Mwangi – we worked all the hours God sent and that even included Sundays.

Put in the time and overtime. Do more that is required of you, do it better than expected. In your 20s you have more ground to cover than everyone else around you, and you do have something to prove. There’s only one way to get ahead, and that’s to work harder than all of your peers.

Get your butt kicked. That’s a good thing – Back in the day Lynda Holt had the same personality as that woman in “The Devil Wears Prada”. Phil Mathews was also equally demanding and expected much, much more than my little self thought possible.

Fast forward to my early days at Kiss 100 and Patrick Quarcoo and Vaughn Hobbs were much the same. Pete Sinclair is unrelenting, Martin Khafafa should hire security. Point is, you should be getting your butt kicked - regularly. A demanding boss is the most valuable person you could possibly have.

If you’re working for someone who isn’t demanding more of you, then chances are they don’t care whether you succeed or fail It’s also very likely they don’t see an element of promise in you.

Working for someone that demands excellence and pushes your limits every day will build the most solid foundation for your professional success.

Stop talking trash – Generation Y have finally learnt that they can talk back. On Dis-kus, on tweeter, on Facebook, everywhere. Sadly though, you’re a generation of sh-t talkers.

Stop it immediately. Whatever you do, don’t join the clique of energy vampires in the workplace who group together to talk trash. It will kill you.

If you have issues with management, culture or your role & responsibilities, SPEAK UP. Don’t trash-talk the company or co-workers over a fag-break or when you’re drinking and then upload silly tales on anonymous blogs. Remember, there is no honour among thieves and lowlifes.

Of the three or four people who trash-talk with you, one will always sell you out. You’re in your 20s, your star is rising. Why are you wasting time with the wasted bunch, who wasted their 20s not growing and now they are bitter and busy recruiting more losers to join their club. Stay away from that lot.

Read More Books, Fewer Tweets/Texts – Generation Y consumes information in headlines and 140 characters: all breadth and no depth – in poor grammer and spellings no less.

This I also got off Forbes- see, I read. Creativity, thoughtfulness and thinking skills are freed when you’re forced to read a full book cover to cover.

All the keys to your future success, lay in the past experience of others. Make sure to read a book a month heck read an e-book, don’t give me the excuse that books are expensive. I can swear by that and dare you to take it to the bank.

Don’t Wait to Be Told What to Do – You can’t have a sense of entitlement without a sense of responsibility. Like seriously? You want more money, a promotion and recognition yet you’re doing nothing to “own” the process? Really? You’ll never get ahead by waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

We all have jobs to do and we are not about to take time off to stroke your ego and sooth your mind. Get a romantic partner for that. If you want more, then do more, ask for more responsibility and prove that you’re worth it.

The ball is in your court - You are responsible for your own success and career. No one will make it for you. Anyone who wants you to believe differently is exploiting you for professional gain.

You will take the time out to attend that course, read that book, do that on-line course and sign up for your next degree. The company you work for is not your parent. You are not owed, you’re not a child anymore – get on with your life.

And finally, because beyond work and money, only other thing will dominate your life through your twenties – is your love life. A little advice I wish I had known way back then. Love is a choice… it’s not magical. You are not destined. There is no such thing as “the one.” Spend enough time with an attractive person, and biology kicks in. So use your head, and find someone you really enjoy spending time with. Cause you’re going to have to do almost everything with this person.

The person who makes you feel most relaxed, most like yourself, and accepts you as you are. The person you don’t have to impress. This is your best chance for happiness. Good luck and happy job hunting. The job search continues all this week on KISS 100. Tune in.

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