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February 16, 2019

Ayushmann Khurrana star in men's health magazine

Ayushmann Khurrana is considered India’s top notch rising star with a brilliant sense of comic timing. Who would have thought he would make it to the cover of Men’s Health magazine, displaying a rather impressive six-packed torso?

Khurrana has now turned columnist for the magazine besides acting and singing in Bollywood. He says he got a lot of feedback on his appearance on the cover of Men’s Health, mostly geared towards surprise as no one seems to have expected him to sport a six-pack and such a ripped physique.

The editorial director of the magazine, Jamal Shaikh, rubbished the rumours that Ayushman’s body was photoshopped for the cover of the magazine. "Nobody expected Ayushmann to build such a ripped physique. We had other outtakes where the physique showed better definition. But this smiling shot we have finally used on the cover is trademark Ayushmann - with his goofy smile and relatable body language that only a real guy can exude. He is the real star among Bollywood's superheroes."

Celebrity photographer Subi Samuel who shot the cover dismissed the photoshop allegations. "Like we do at every shoot, we did have good lighting and make up, but at this shoot Ayushmann's physique was the real star!" he said. 

"The process of getting in shape was simple for me," Ayushmann said.

"I gave up carbs post 6pm. The real reason I've gotten in such shape is because I play the character of a squash player in my upcoming Yashraj film with Sonam Kapoor, so I need to be in such shape. Of course, being on the cover of Men's Health is every guy's dream, and I'm glad I achieved it."

The actor also spoke about his column called Ask Ayushmann Anything, which will appear every month in Men's Health. He will address questions from readers on life, ladies and everything that screws up a guy's mind. "I'm just 28, but I guess I've experienced more than several others have at my age," Ayushmann said. 

"I'm married, I've got a one-year-old son named Virajvir, I'm Bollywood's youngest dad, and I've been through a professional struggle to reach where I am today. I've also studied journalism, so writing comes naturally to me and is something I enjoy." 

"So, what is it that truly makes a man a man?" one cheeky reporter asked, trying to put Ayushmann in a spot. The actor didn't miss a beat: "The way a guy treats a woman, with respect and chivalry makes you a real man." 

 Looks like Ayshman’s advice is as impressive as him.




It is not unknown that many people name their children after Bollywood stars but there was a whole generation of movie-goers in India who drew the line at naming their newborn sons Pran because the actor’s on-screen antics as a villain were deemed a bit too sinister to be associated with anything adorable.

Pran had acted in more than 350 films and also made it to CNN’s list of Top 25 Asian ActorS of All Time. Having said that, his entry into Bollywood was a very by-the-way kind of occurrence. A casual meeting Pran had with writer Wali Mohammad Wali saw the latter suggest his name to producer Dalsukh Pancholi for the villain's role in the 1940 Punjabi film Yamla Jat. Impressed with his work, Pancholi later cast Pran as a romantic hero opposite superstar Noorjehan in his 1942 film, Khandaan.

Pran, 93, breathed his last on Friday last week at the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai after some complications with health. Just a few months back, he had been awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, which is considered the highest honour in Indian cinema.

Bollywood fraternity recalls Pran a gentleman despite his on-screen image. If Pran got recognition as a villain, he also gave memorable performances in supporting roles that sometimes had him walking away with a bigger paycheque than the hero just because his presence in the cast made such a huge difference to the film.




At the IIFA Awards, when Shah Rukh Khan asked Sushant his full name, he mocked the actor asking him ‘Is this your name or address?’ Well it looks like with this name, Sushant will definitely be going places as he is now receiving numerous offers on Bollywood, and he’s been selected for a film based on Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations in which he will get to romance Katrina Kaif. No further information about the film is available as yet but you will get to hear all the juicy details in Just Bollywood, first.





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