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January 20, 2019

Two peas in a pod. . .

My children love soccer. From the time they were born they have always had a fascination with the ball. I remember when Toriah first saw Tj in the hospital, his only concern was, “My brother is so small, how will we play football?”

As soon as they could, I enrolled them in little league and I spent many Saturday mornings sitting in the pews freezing or sleeping in the car waiting for them to finish practice so we could go home.

At the time we lived a distance from where the church’s little league met and it did not make economic sense to drop them and pick them later. After a couple of years the team took a break and I must admit I was quite relieved. The sad part though is that since we haven't found as nice a team to enlist with and the search continues.

Not only do both boys play, but they also like watching the game. They support different teams though and this has its own challenges. For a while Toriah’s team kept losing and his enthusiasm for the game kept waning.

Tj though continues strong in his love for the game and though Toriah is a much better player (he plays with both feet and has speed, so the coaches said), TJ is more committed to watching the televised leagues.

Once more I find myself sleeping in the couch keeping him company as he watches games televised at ungodly hours (what’s with that? Why can’t the matches take place at a more convenient time?).

The interesting thing is that my husband and I are both not keen on soccer. Actually neither was my dad or brother. Soccer and watching soccer never featured in our home as I was growing up and I find it really interesting that the boys seem so fascinated by it. Tj will even convince my neighbor to watch a game with him, if we are watching something else.

The thing I have learnt from this though is that although our children may bear our names, even some of our genetic makeup, they are very much their own persons.

Before having children, I always assumed that my offspring would be a miniature copy of either me or Tony and if not an exact copy then quite similar. I was shocked. Not only have my own children proved to be quite unique from Tony and I, they are different from each other as well.

Different tastes, likes and dislikes, even temperaments. Granted there are some similarities that would make you know that we are all somehow related, but as time goes, these seem farther and farther apart.

As I bring forth yet another child (all factors held constant), this is a source of fascination; will he like soccer like his brothers or perhaps basketball; will he even like sports or like me will he be a bookworm?

In fact will he be a ‘he’ or a ‘she’? I guess that is the exciting thing about being a parent, you never really know all that your child is or will become. Every day brings with it a whole new dimension as your little one continues to grow and discover their place in this world.

The journey is arduous sometimes but it is by no means boring and I just can’t wait to see what this coming addition will bring to the whole family dynamics.

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