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January 20, 2019

What on earth is a Twitter crush?

Recently I stumbled upon something known as a twitter crush. This is when you kind-of-sort-of fall in love, or some unidentifiable emotion, with someone you have been interacting with online. They could be someone you talk to online or not.

I’ve always pooh-poohed this notion. Then it happened to me. I was scrolling through my timeline and came across @chagger73. His tweets were hilarious so I started following him. His profile picture made me gasp in delight. Good looking, what! But then again, it could be a fake picture off the internet, who knows? Just like that, I finally had a Twitter crush. I wasn’t sure how to handle this though.

Do you make an official announcement? Do you act nonchalant? Do you silently stalk and pray they won’t notice you? Eventually I did tell him he’s my twitter crush and he was really nice and gentlemanly about it. I didn’t even feel awkward telling him that I was busy filling in visa forms to move countries to stalk him better! (He lives somewhere in Canada) The only thing that stopped me is that the ex husband is from those sides of the globe so @chagger73 was saved.

I got talking to him and asked him if he’d ever had a twitter crush and this is what he had to say to me.

1) I have been on twitter for a little over a year but didn't actually start paying twitter a lot of attention until the end of May last year. Then I only had 20 or so followers until late June when I rapidly (relatively speaking) went to 300. After that I started tweeting a lot more.

2) my twitter handle (chagger73) is a combination of my first and last names (Chad is my first name) and the year I was born. Chagger was also what a lot of former coworkers called me due to the way company email was formatted.

I do have another twitter account. It is for a university class that required us to tweet class related issues. That account is five months old. For obvious reasons, I didn't want my prof reading my usual twitter idiocy so I created a new account. I have two followers and perhaps 20 tweets on that account. (Which is approximately four hours worth of tweeting on my main account)

4) I actually don't have a twitter crush. Whether its twitter or real life, I struggle to enter a relationship if it has insurmountable road blocks regardless of how wonderful the other person is. The distance separating people on twitter is generally an "insurmountable road block". Admittedly, I haven't had many people (any people save one) offer to fill out visa applications!

I did have a crush on @angelaehh back when I started. It was mostly friendly banter but I was fortunate enough to meet her at a small tweet up in Calgary (where I live) and the worst thing possible happened. She was as wonderful in person as she appeared to be on twitter. But the fact of the matter is that she lives 6 hours away from me and neither of us would ever consider moving. So we have developed a friendship and left it at that level.

The only other twitter crush I had wasn't a crush in the usual sense. It was actually a man-crush on @tmoney68! He is hilarious and friendly and laid back. I admired (still do) the way he never caused drama and was kind and helpful with everyone he interacted with.

5) I sort of answered this question with my last response. Of course blokes are allowed twitter crushes!! It's twitter. Rules are nonexistent. We can make twitter whatever we wish it to be. It's a microcosm of real life wherein the fears and insecurities that prevent us from being ourselves can be ignored. I think twitter, for many, represents a clearer image of who we are. (Too dramatic or idealistic? Perhaps)

6) your visa application comment still makes me smile! I have had a couple of strange followers but none more concerning than a girl I went for coffee with a few times in real life who then found me on twitter. She stalked my TL and then began sending messages to a few people I am friends with. It was very strange. Thankfully it stopped after a few months.

7) when I started getting DMs from friends asking if I knew @??? I got a little concerned! I would check vehicles around me in traffic for her, I began counting my underwear to see if any were missing...kidding of course. I only have two pairs of underwear.

8) I haven't really had terrible experiences on twitter. I have had some negative interactions with people and afterward am upset at myself for saying/tweeting something that I wish I hadn't. I try to avoid offensive tweets and focus on making fun of myself (or my exes).

9) I'm totally unconcerned about leaked DMs as I don't say anything in a DM that I wouldn't tweet or say IRL.

10) hmmm. @shkeeber is probably one person I've stalked. I think he is hilarious and I hate missing anything he tweets. But as for actually stalking someone...I don't think so. I've taken an interest and reviewed tweets and photos but have never tracked someone's interactions or dealings with others.

Well, perhaps I've done that with @portrooster. But only because he's movements usually led to us meeting for drinks and getting far drinker than any human has a right to be.

So there you go, it’s perfectly normal (I think!) to have a twitter crush! Or maybe I just need to up the dose on my medication. Ho hum!

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