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February 18, 2019

Is It Just A Face For Radio?

You know what people say when they want to be politically correct about your looks and they don’t think you are good-looking. They simply tell you that you have the face for radio. I have never thought of myself as a drop-dead gorgeous woman.

I’m plain, I have crooked teeth, I do like my eyes and I know I never get second looks. I’m not complaining. It’s like saying that some women are not scared of mice, and others have great legs.

So anyway, some time in September I was quietly celebrating the sixth anniversary of the day I had the guts to walk out of my violent and unhappy marriage.

I got my hair done, bought myself a new handbag and a huge slice of pizza for lunch which I was having at work just before going on air (see Pete, I never take food into the studio!) when I was approached by the guy with looks suited for movies. I had seen him on the second floor of our building and always thought he was a slim version of Will Smith.

It was our very own producer Andrew Siro and he pulled up a chair next to me and started asking me if I would like to be on this TV show on Kiss TV and I sat there dumbstruck with pizza stuffed in my mouth, unable to chew or swallow because I was in shock. Of course I nodded yes!

The rest, as the cliché goes, is history. I got to meet the fantastic Shan Bartley for the first time, I got to say more than ‘Hi Grace. I love your shoes’ to the gorgeous Grace Msalame and the amazing Valentine Njoroge whom I have known since the inception of the Star.

I’ve always found Valentine hilarious, fashionable and to the point, so knowing that I was going to be on the same platform as these wonderful ladies, I must say I was quite chuffed.

We started shooting the pilot episodes to see how the show would be spanning out and in all this I got to know my colleagues better and the respect and admiration has grown leaps and bounds. It is absolutely fantastic working with them and the entire team of the Chama.

I never really knew what goes into making a TV show. It is a lot of hard work and when you have a team so dedicated at producing shows tirelessly, you can only watch in awe their efforts.

I must say this year has been overwhelmingly fantastic for me on the work front. I know that without the love and support from my Radio Africa family, I would not have climbed the rungs to what I deem a personal success. Every step of the way I have had encouragement and unending support that makes me so thankful that I sometimes weep with gratitude.

I take stock of my life of where I was five years ago and where I am today and feel seriously blessed that I am working with (not for) the most amazing people ever. Each and every person I am with at work has a tendency to bring out the best in me. I can’t thank my team enough for taking me to these heights I had only ever thought of in my dreams.

Right… leave me alone. I’m crying and my mascara is not waterproof and I look a sight. Join me, and my wonderful group of gorgeous ladies on the Chama exclusively on Kiss TV every Tuesday evening at 8.30pm.


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