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February 20, 2019

Gangnam style and Kenyan nuisance!

If you haven’t heard this song I’m not sure if we live on the same planet or not. This song is deemed the Macarena of this year. Remember how popular Macarena was?

Gangnam Style by PSY has surpassed those bars. If you go to YouTube you’ll be amazed at the number of hits this song has got. As I write this, the views are at over 835 million.

The beat is catchy and the tune is one you think you can sing along to, and if you can’t you can always yell out ‘Opaa Gangnam Style’ and indulge in the crazy dance step while you are at it.

I was catching up with my social media responsibilities the other day (actually I’m an addict and I am constantly on social media) and came across a clip that said Gangnam Style, Kenya Nuisance. I’ve seen many variations of this song and I even downloaded an app for this on my iPad so I thought this was just one of those videos that was reproduced locally.

I was in for a surprise and a laugh. A bunch of young blokes have filmed themselves at a local shopping mall and the results are hilarious.

I must say that you have to have a good sense of humour to enjoy what these guys do. My silly grins turned into full-fledged laughter at their sneakily dances behind unsuspecting shoppers, with the risk of almost getting caught. It may seem like it is juvenile but it is hilarious!

Early this week I also downloaded an app on my iPad called the Gangnam Dance Booth. Basically it is an animated headless body and you have to choose the head of the person you want from your photo library, crop it to fit this body and click on play and just sit back to get amused (If such a thing tickles your fancy!).

So my kids and I have been having hours of fun with this. From ourselves to other members of the family and almost everyone in between, including Andrew Siro the lovely producer at Kiss TV, we have had them dancing to Gangnam Style.

I love how the mobile phone youth, the Generation Y, are so ‘with it’ and just whip out their phones, make an impromptu dance video and within a short time it has been uploaded onto the Internet for all to see.

I marvel at our technology today and really feel proud when people I know are busy broadcasting themselves for the whole world to see.

So if you have a sense of humour and want to see what I am on about, go to YouTube and search Gangnam Style Kenyan Nuisance and have a good laugh. Also remember that growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional. I choose the latter!


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