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January 24, 2019

Kids say the funniest things

Yesterday Tony and I were laughing at some of the stuff the boys have done over the years. I remembered a funny incident some years back when I went back to school for an MA.

Toriah had just learnt my age and he could not reconcile the two. One day he asked me, “Mom kwani how stupid are you” I was dumbfounded.

“Why would you say to me such a thing?” I asked on my way to get the spanker. “But mom, you have been to school all those years and you have never finished.”

I laughed then, realising that for him schooling ended after high school and he could not fathom how I could still be in school given my age.

I am glad I asked the question before spanking him silly as would have been the case had I dared ask my parents such a question.
I once read an article titled Kids Say the Funniest Things.

In one story a child was fascinated with the concept of God living in heaven. As she talked with her mother she asked the question that had been troubling her the most, “Where does God go to do poo?” I have no clue how the mom answered that one, I am just glad I never got asked that particular question.

But trust me I was asked some pretty tough ones, some of which were quite embarrassing. I remember one in particular when one of the boys was much younger, he had just began talking and was still breastfeeding.

At the time most of my friends also had small children who were breastfeeding; so my son began to associate breastfeeding with mothering.

Somehow he knew so and so was so and so ‘s son or daughter because that’s where they went during mealtime. So one day we go to visit my mother.

He kept looking at her funny then finally he asked. “Cucu, whose ‘nyonyo’ [breast] is that?” I almost died as I hurriedly explained to my mom that he was merely asking whose mom she was.

I was really glad when he moved on to other observations. Now entering their pre-teens, the questions have reduced drastically and the once oh so knowledgeable mother has been almost declared redundant and archaic.

I don’t blame my boys entirely for this assumption seeing that the world has become digital and I am so technically inept (I am still trying to come to terms with the concept of a mobile phone seeing that more often than not my phone is either in the handbag, office or at home as opposed to being with me).

I still think that there are only five genres of music: pop, country, rhythm and blues, reggae and lingala. I still remember Stallone as a movie star, and New Edition as a singing group.

And I still don’t get sci-fi movies. Of course I am outdated. Yet there are those moments when the boys still curl up to me and ask me philosophical questions or just my opinion on something and I treasure those times.

They make me realise that though time seems to fly by and the world is changing rapidly, some things never change. Every so often mother still knows best.

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