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January 20, 2019

Re-union with your partner? Forget it!

School, university, alumni, old neighbours, long-lost friends, ex significant others who have moved on in life all have one thing in common – at some point the people in this institutions and relationships will want to touch base at some point in life. That’s when the drama starts.

Usually the significant other wants to know what is going on. Who are these people you went to school or college with 20 years ago? Is the one you wanted to marry going to be there?

Will you still flirt with her? If he asks for your number will you give it? Are you going to introduce me as your husband or just partner and let people think we’re just living together instead of married?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Generally in this case, men don’t get too attached. For them, it’s probably just catching up with some old mates, check out the chick who sat three rows ahead and you’d throw popcorn at her to get her attention.

You might be a bit concerned about your beer gut or that balding patch starting to appear but that’s about as far as it will get. The women will fret over what to wear, wonder if the leader of the mean girls clique would remember making fun of you and whole plethora of other things.

The main issue arises when the significant other wants to attend one of these reunions with you. Honestly speaking it gets awkward. You don’t know your partner's school or university mates yet you insist on going to a reunion.

You will sit there tight-lipped, nursing a drink in your hand as everyone else is guffawing with laughter and reminiscing about teachers and lecturers you have no idea about.

At some point your partner will be reminded of his crush or the love of her life from back then and that’s when your ears will prick up like a keen dog’s and listen in on bits of information being thrown about by others.

The old truths might hurt you because you'll assume your partner lied by omission. When in reality, your partner probably doesn’t remember half the things that happened or were said and a meeting with pals is what triggers the memory.

Do yourself a favour and plan a night out with your mates the day your partner has a reunion. You’ll be as unwanted as a rock band at a funeral.

Besides feeling out of place, you’re bound to feel insecure at all the tales that come out of pandora’s box and you’ll start questioning your partner who in turn will feel cornered and either tell you take the high road or start lying to you to cover up the past. Leave the past where it belongs. Go out and have your own fun; let your partner also enjoy.

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