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February 22, 2019

Pampered At The Spa Because I Deserved It!

I am not one to take time out for myself and get pampered for a whole day. I usually afford myself an hour tops. Going to a spa and indulging in long massages and not checking my phone every three seconds is not my scene. Everyone in my family is well aware that my phones are my heartbeat. Yes, like almost every other Kenyan, I have two lines.

I am always busy on social networks, I like checking my emails and I’m more likely to reply to you on a social forum than return your call. Unless you’re my boss, mum or dad, then I will call back. That’s just how I am. So when the talk of spending a day at the spa comes up, I think to myself that my heart would probably stop beating if I didn’t have my phones cradled in my palm.

Mid-this year I celebrated a milestone birthday (I turned 21 plus vat) and I was gifted a voucher by someone very special, a day of pure indulgence at the Kaya Spa. This spa is not alien to me. I am a VIP member and have enjoyed some of their quick short treatments. When I called ahead to book the appointment after almost three months, I gasped when I was told I would need a minimum of four hours. I gulped. My first thought was my phones.

After throwing caution to the wind, I decided to go ahead and book the appointment. I was quite pleased with their professionalism when they sent me an email reminder from the spa a few hours beforehand to let me know the time of my scheduled pampering. No wonder Conde Nast endorses them so strongly! The massage lasted me an hour and a half and I don’t have much recollection of it except that I was so soothed and relaxed that I fell asleep.

After my power nap, I was swaddled in the fluffiest of white robes and whisked away to my next appointment and this carried on for almost half a day. I got my hair done by a wonderful bloke called George who gave my hair a lot of attention. Usually I’m a very chatty person but with the hairdryer switched on at full blast I wasn't able to make conversation.

That was fine by me because I was so relaxed that my mind was too blank for small talk. George pampered my hair while I was getting a rather fancy French manicure and pedicure done. George made me look like some sort of a film star. There I was, all wrapped up in my fluffy bathrobe, eyes laden with sleep after the massage, nails wet with colour and my hair… oh my hair looked glorious!

Every woman needs to take time out for herself and allow herself to be pampered. Whether at a spa or in the privacy of your own home. You deserve to have a timeout to allow yourself to detach from the outside world and give attention to the most important person in your life – you! And guess what. I didn’t even have the urge to check my phones even once. I lived! That collective gasp you just heard – those are my shocked relatives.  Have a superb weekend!

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