Locked Legislators loudly decry graft while pocketing cash

MPs in cartel slurping from county coffers, each 'earning' Sh300K after inauguration.

Locked DCI tells off Gachagua as new audit squad formed

Acting DCI boss says police won't hesitate to act on intelligence

Locked SAMUEL KIMEU: Parliament to blame for ignoring audit reports

Auditor General reports money lost or improperly used but no action taken.

Locked New push to dethrone Raila as Nyanza supremo

Group led by Kidero aims to entrench new political order in ODM traditional turf

Locked Bigwigs eat funeral bitings, beset by nature's calls

Bereaved too mortified to face bossesĀ about the stomach-churning mishaps.

Locked MP's eccentric hairstyle makes waves at Ruto House speech

"Don't touch or badmouth my Sh5,000 do, I'll connect with my stylist."

Locked JARED OKELLO: It is premature to write off Raila

Raila has been written off since 2007, but in 2022 he was formidable.