Pokot teachers fault AG over low college admission grades

Attorney General Paul Kihara Kariuki. /FILE
Attorney General Paul Kihara Kariuki. /FILE

The Knut West Pokot branch has castigated the suggestion of Attorney General Kihara Kariuki to dismiss the Education CS Amina Mohamed’s

proposal to lower entry grades for teacher training colleges.


officials led by West Pokot branch secretary Martin Sembelo defended Amina’s directive,


the new framework would boost the number of teachers in marginalised regions.


also slammed the Teachers Service Commission and Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers for opposing the proposal by the ministry, saying those who are against

the proposal are misleading Kenyans.

Sembelo said marginalised counties have been facing teacher shortages for a very long time since tutors from other regions are unwilling to teach there.

“Most teachers have lower grades

like D-plus but are doing well. The

proposal is anchored

in the Constitution of 2010. Even professors started with lower grades before they were elevated . They should grant us the opportunity and we shall be

in tandem with other communities,” he said.


said the assumption that a D-plus is not fit for the system

is wrong and what CS Amina said offers the right direction.

He said Amina’s decision to lower the grades from C to D-plus was constitutional. “We were

perturbed and surprised by the AG and TSC. The grade is still viable for marginalised nomadic communities,” he said.

Many children are unable to further their education due to lack of teachers, he added.