Forgive like Moi to thrive, bishops tell leaders in Siaya

Leaders told to pick the good side of Moi to emulate

In Summary

• The late Moi 'wore the heart of forgiveness' during his 24 years in power

Future life tarbernacle Bishop Isaac Obure in his office shorly after addressing journalists
CHURCH AND POLITICS: Future life tarbernacle Bishop Isaac Obure in his office shorly after addressing journalists
Image: By Lameck Baraza

Bishops in Siaya have asked county leaders to emulate the former President Daniel Moi’s spirit of forgiveness if they want to lead the county to prosperity.

Speaking on their behalf, Bishop Isaac Obure told journalists on Monday Moi managed the country’s political stability through the spirit of forgiveness, despite his flaws.

“In the 24 years he was in power, the late Moi wore the heart of forgiveness, the open heart, the heart of love, the heart of helping and those are the characters of a good leader,” Obure said.

The Future Life church bishop spoke at God’s power and miracles church. Karemo church leaders were present.

Obure said during the time of mourning Moi, leaders should pick the good side to emulate.

He said Moi’s leadership had both sides of the coin but encouraged leaders to learn from Moi’s positive side to leave an admirable legacy.

“The leaders in power should continue with Moi’s legacy in education to raise the standards of the country’s education level,” Obure said.

Some Siaya leaders agreed, saying despite Moi being a dictator, he was a true leader on some issues.


Siaya Governor Cornell Rasanga said Moi was a peace-loving leader and a distinguished public servant who united the country by preaching peace, love and unity.

Rasanga recalled that during the 24-year era of Moi as the president, the country was so peaceful that many nations came to learn from Moi.

He said Moi was not someone who engaged in doublespeak and during his tenure, the office of the President was held in high esteem.

The Siaya governor said the current political bickering is of no help to the nation and the future leaders should borrow from Moi.