Kisumu MCAs pass Sh11.7 billion budget

Stalemate ends after Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o had rejected previous estimates

Kisumu county assembly MCAs on Wednesday
KIsumu county MCAs Kisumu county assembly MCAs on Wednesday

MCAs in Kisumu have finally passed a Sh11.7 billion budget for 2019-20.

It is is an increase from the Sh10. 2 billion which was rejected by Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o on September 5. The governor returned the appropriation bill back to the assembly citing anomalies.

The MCAs passed the budget after replacing embattled speaker Onyango Oloo. Ward reps elected Elisha Oraro as acting speaker until corruption charges against  Oloo are cleared. 

When he rejected the budget, Nyong'o in a memorandum to the speaker Oloo, said he wants MCAs to approve the 2019-20 budget estimates as submitted to the assembly on April 30.

The governor said the assembly failed to adhere to regulations of the public finance management regulations 2015 by making changes to the budget estimates beyond the required one per cent.

He said there was irregular introduction of new development projects totalling  Sh 1.50 billion. 

However, in the new budget passed on Thursday evening and presided over by acting speaker  Oraro, development money was pegged at Sh3.5 billion, recurrent at Sh6.7 billion including an opening balance of Sh 1.5 billion.

Some of the changes in the budget include the reduction of rural and city development projects.

In the previous budget, Sh45 million was to be spent for the rural-based ward development projects while Sh40 million was set aside for the city ward projects.  

However, the allocation in the passed budget has been reduced to Sh35 million for the rural ward development projects and Sh30 million to the city wards development projects.

Bursaries were allocated Sh140 million. Each ward is expected to receive Sh4 million.

Kisumu residents expressed joy after the budget was passed.