Plascon is East Africa’s largest paint company

Plascon, proudly coloring Kenya for over 50 years

Plascon is part of the Kansai Paint family

In Summary

• The aim of Plascon paints is simple - to make people’s lives better throughout their life's journeys; to be there, every step of the way

• Plascon is part of the Kansai Paint family

Plascon not only makes paint but also touches hearts and lives.
Plascon not only makes paint but also touches hearts and lives.
Image: Plascon Paints

Paint inspires living. Paint should improve the quality of your life and make you shine with pride. Plascon, East Africa’s largest paint company has been proudly coloring Kenya for over 50 years.

As part of the Kansai Paint family, Plascon not only makes paint but also touches hearts and lives with a sole purpose of making the world we all share a better place. Through industrial, protective coatings, automotive and decorative products, their brush strokes help build bridges, coat towers, cruise roads and protect happy homes.

History and change of name

In August 2017, Kansai Paint acquired Sadolin Paints as part of the firm’s expansion into emerging markets. The name subsequently changed and the acquisition included Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Kansai Paint is a top ten coatings company globally, with world-leading research & development facilities in Japan, India and South Africa. It is also the largest paint manufacturing group in East Africa with a presence in in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Burundi and Rwanda, and exports to several neighboring countries including South Sudan, DRC, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia.

With Kansai Plascon’s technologically advanced products, you can be assured that you are using premium , eco-friendly paints that guarantee long lasting results. It is only a name change. Their paints still remain the same quality products that Kenyans have used and trusted for over 50 years.

Colour your world with Plascon Kenya

More about Kansai Paint

Founded in 1918, Kansai Paint shapes the industry through innovation, employing over 10,000 people, worldwide. With 51 operations globally, they aim to continuously enhance their decorative brand leadership by continuously driving innovation and excellence in the markets they serve.

The famous color forecast

Colour is so much more than the paint we roll onto our walls. This is why Plascon creates and shares a comprehensive Colour Forecast annually. Its purpose is to empower anyone to decode the world of colour and make it relevant to their unique spaces, life stages, personal tastes and sense of style.

In preparation for the 2019 Colour Forecast, the company embarked on a Kansai Paint Colour Workshop with team members from around the world. This was undertaken together with WGSN, a global trend authority, who helped to collaboratively develop insights around colour, interior and lifestyle shifts.

Screengrab of the Plascon color forecast
Screengrab of the Plascon color forecast

With their big picture trend filter coupled with an understanding of their local customer, the collaboration had a result of four definitive colour stories for the coming year

Have a look at the entire 2019 color forecast on this link

Plascon, Colour Your World.


Contacts and offices

Nairobi - 0733 699000 (Jirore road, Off Enterprise Road, Industrial area)

Kisumu - 0733 367449 (Oginga Odinga street)

Nakuru - 0735 687074/0754 430124 (Industrial area, General Mathenge road)

Mombasa - 0775 687076 (Tangana Road)

Eldoret - 0734 654025 (Fims building, Oloo street)

Garissa - 0743 571488 (Augab Building, Sankuri Road)