The sign of a true leader

Lifting others into leadership

In Summary

True leaders are obsessed with the growth of your influence

If you asked me what the sign of a true leader is. I would say: a true leader is obsessed with growing leaders. This is one common trait that I’ve found with every great leader with whom I’ve had exchange or met. They are deeply passionate about developing the leadership capacity of those around them – true leaders love to grow leaders.

How do true leaders grow leaders? They create systems and structures that grow the people who they lead in three areas: scope, insight, and influence. These leaders understand that the advancement of an idea is better and easier with leaders, so they are systemic about growing the people around them to become strong leaders. Let’s examine these three areas.

True Leaders Grow Scope: Once you’re in the presence of a true leader, your scope begins to grow – their thoughts, words, and actions stretch your scope beyond its limits. You see further. True leaders are visionary. This means that they can see and articulate the future. The gift of sight puts visionaries at an advantage because their vast scope of the future puts them ahead of the pack. Hence, when you get around such leaders, your limited scope is shattered and replaced by a vibrant picture of the future.

True Leaders Grow Insight: Every time I sit with my mentors, my understanding of certain issues of life deepens – my insight grows. True leaders are obsessed with helping those who they lead grow in the understanding of the issues of life. They know that when your understanding grows, your wisdom grows, and you get better results. True leaders teach, coach and inspire those who they lead which results in a good understanding of life’s principles. You are in the presence of a true leader if you grow in insight.

True Leaders Grow Influence: When a leader invests the time to grow your scope, your insight grows and when your insight grows, you operate with wisdom. You make wise decisions – and when this occurs, you experience the results that come from wise decisions. These results include influence. The more your wisdom grows, the more your influence grows.

True leaders are obsessed with the growth of your influence; they want to see you grow in influence. This kind of leaders are secure enough to create avenues for the growth of your influence. They take steps to lift you up so that your scope of influence increases. If you experience this, you have encountered a true leader. 

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