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Kenya has paid dearly for Njonjo's constitution distortions

Look how Uhuru believes he can pontificate and it'll be done (like power prices).

No pride or joy at Kenya's 10th Constitution anniversary

Same government supposed to uphold rights has abused them

The ups and downs of devolution

The 2010 Constitution defines the purpose of devolution to strengthen rather than to weaken national unity

Move Jomo Kenyatta’s statue from KICC to a museum

Jomo played no role in achieving independence.

GHAI: Please Kenyans, reject the false promise of BBI

Politicians have done little for the people, despite knowing what they wanted.

What is China up to? Dissatisfaction within Hong Kong

There are serious examples of the breach of One Country Two Systems.

Citizens, politicians have different conceptions of parties

Quite unexpectedly this year, fierce attacks have been unleashed on the DP.

Constitutional Relations between China and Hong Kong

Hong Kong's situation is like “sleeping next to a tiger”

How to understand the message of Constitution

The Constitution has made no impact on the Presidency—and therefore not the range of institutions accountable to him.

Why non-executive President would be better

BBI is advocating re-organisation of the national government.

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