Correspondent, Coast Region

BIO: Journalist covering Human Interest stories and Health related issues

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GBV toll-free line opened as cases rise

Reporting said to be constrained by curfew, restriction of movement

Virginity testing loved and loathed in Coast

Families await blood stains on white sheet after bride's sex debut

Mombasa launches Covid-19 campaign targeting children.

Six-day drive will use kids to pass messages about the virus.

Beaches and pools empty despite Coast heat

Directive to curb the spread of the coronavirus has stifled activities

How a balanced diet helps in Covid-19 fight

Nutritionist advises Kenyans on what to eat and in what amounts.

Wedding at a time of virus outbreak

It was rushed amid fears country would be put on lockdown if things got worse

Lockdown headache for wives in polygamous families

Cessation of movement order separates husband from some for three weeks

Long-distance buses crews struggle to make ends meet

Drivers and conductors in Mombasa are unable to feed their families.

Social Coasterians struggle with corona effect

Warm hugs for guests replaced by pleas to wash hands, take shower

When cancer robs one of both parents

It's bad enough losing one parent to cancer. Both was traumatic for Mary Keli

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