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BIO: Paul Ilado is the Head of Content at Radio Africa

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Tap youth energy to stimulate research in AI

Interestingly, the tech industry is largely dominated by young people

Why the Star is dedicating space for Climate stories

Nearly all scientists agree that it is happening and is human-made

ILADO: Media an influential driver of innovation in Africa

There is no better way to reach and mobilise citizens than through the media.

ILADO: Absent fathers have caused dysfunctional childhood

Some fathers are present physically but their presence causes more harm than good.

Star website outage: We're sorry

Our website went down on Monday between 17hrs and 20hrs.

Locked Cattle rustling menace: The cancer ailing Kenya

It has grown from a largely cultural practice to a socioeconomic threat

Radio Africa Group to conduct weekly opinion polls

As is to be expected, the polls have elicited mixed reactions.

Why Covid-19 fighters are the Star Person of the Year 2020

The Star is asking Kenya to resolve that we will not let our frontline soldiers become patients.

Intimidating its own? JSC can destroy independence of judges

It is the workings of a JSC, operating without oversight and any solid regulatory framework.

Five years after Crimea annexation, Russia pumps billions into peninsula's infrastructure

• Moscow has channelled significant resources into the peninsula's infrastructure since the annexation referendum in ...

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