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BIO: Oliver Mathenge has been a journalist since July 2007 joining Radio Africa Group in December of 2012 as a Political Reporter. He is currently the Radio Africa Group Digital Editor.

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Excessive force by police on first night of Covid-19 curfew

Police appeared to take the curfew order as a license by government to use excessive force.

Uhuru sends Matiang'i to Abiy over row with Farmajo

Uhuru wants Abiy to also help get an out of court settlement with Farmajo on Indian Ocean.

Inside Kenya's slow wheel of justice on corruption cases

Some defendants file multiple objections thus delaying the substance of the cases.

How to manipulate an election: Cambridge Analytica story

One learns using data for election purposes is as old as the 2008 US campaign.

Can technology lower exposure to tobacco linked ailments?

WHO says there is no clear answer on the long-term impact of using or being exposed to E-Cigs.

No answers or justice on 1984 Wagalla massacre as Moi exits

Kenya is today engrossed in the state funeral of Moi on whose legacy the massacre hangs.

Mzee Moi's journey to Parliament: What to expect on Saturday

Several roads around Parliament Buildings will be closed to allow smooth movement.

Unsolved Moi-era murders that officials called suicide

In 1975, Moi was forced to apologise for saying JM Kariuki was alive which was never the case.

How plan to have regional governments failed 10 years ago

Kenyans questioned role of regional governments and corresponding cost of administration.

Uhuru will support the next Jubilee candidate in 2022 - Ruto

DP trumpets his loyalty to the President but says he never gave condition for his support.

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