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Veganism: Plant diet putting you at risk

Plant foods should complement, rather than compete with animal foods.

Breakfast: A matter of semantics

There is no evidence that going without breakfast does any harm.

Loneliness: What we’re really hungry for isn’t available

As big a killer as obesity and as dangerous as heavy smoking.

Margarine is garbage, spreads disease

Adding vitamins to garbage does not change this fact.

Lose the waist, not your weight

Your waist measurement should be less than half of your height

Red meat causes X: Navigating alarmist headlines

Take it with a pinch of salt.

Fibre for constipation – friend or foe?

It has enjoyed celebrity status in nutrition circles for a long time.

Feeding humans: What we must eat to survive and thrive

Diet must contain essential fatty acids and essential amino acids.

Truth about sugar and dreaded carbs

The next time you are eating bread, remember that your body is ‘seeing’ glucose.

Detoxing – An expensive scam

Detoxing should not be promoted as an antidote to an unhealthy lifestyle.

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