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Men prefer babysitting to cleaning - report

• 73 per cent of women are currently satisfied with how unpaid care work is shared across the household.  • Unpaid care ...

Maa women want BBI to address FGM, gender violence

Women expressed concern over representation in government, land injustices and retrogressive cultural practices.

Kenya has two centres to test coronavirus

No cases have been confirmed in Kenya.

Women spend 5 hours, men just 1 on chores

Unpaid care work contributes to about 13% of global GDP, but is unrecognised.

The colour of love: Romance across race

Interracial couples grapple with stigma and travel, residency complications

30 million sites pulled down over cybercrime threat

Children told not to befriend strangers online, share personal details — and never meet.

Valentine's with your office husband/wife

To gift or not to gift, that is the question

Girls made to believe boys are smarter in science — UN Women

Boys did better in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography and History in KCSE.

Office husbands and wives discuss colleagues, work problems says report

A work spouse relationship offers someone they can confide in and be more honest with.

Poor girls use old blankets, wool during periods

Sexual predators promise poor girls sanitary towels in exchange for sex.

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