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8 Benefits of Madison Betterlife SME medical packages

Madison has affordable plans available to offer nothing but peace of mind to SME's.

Renewal of 2022 business permits, licenses due on March 31

Renewal of business permits, licenses for 2022 to end on 31st March.

Legacy of health care with AAR Hospital

AAR Hospital is a 140-bed general hospital that has both inpatient and outpatient services.

SportPesa launches Dimba Itambe grassroots campaign

Dimba Itambe na SportPesa is centered on developing grassroots football across all counties in Kenya.

What makes roulette so popular in Kenya?

Thanks to its simplicity, online Roulette leads the way in online classic table games.

Book your travel bus ride with Swvl this festive season

Enjoy discounted Swvl travel rides this festive season at up to 30% off.

CS Mucheru launches ICT Talent Cultivation Whitepaper

The white paper recommends the development of an ICT talent cultivation strategy.

Get a loan now, pay after holidays

The loan will cover up to 80% of your car’s value irrespective of the age and model.

How Shamiri Institute is shaping the future of mental health in Africa

The most common mental health problems are depression and anxiety.

How to apply for MTN Uganda IPO

The price for the sale of a 20% stake was set at UGH200 Sh(6.28) per share.

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