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BIO: Musembi Nzengu has been a journalist for over 20 years. Worked for the defunct Kenya Times before becoming a correspondent for Radio Africa Group in 2008 based in Kitui County.

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Nairobi entrepreneur splashes more than Sh. 5 millions for his parents’ nuptials

He mobilised resources to give his parents the treat.

Senate begins special session in Kitui

Senator Wambua  urges residents to conduct themselves with decency

MPs tour Kitui clash hotspots

People believed to be armed Somali herders shot dead a man at Kivuiyo on Sunday.

Ex-governor Malombe plots Kitui comeback

He has increased his public appearances in readiness for 2022

'Killer' herders drive 400 Kitui families out of homes

MP wants Ngilu to stop the issuing of permits that allow herders to graze in Kitui

Tipsy Kitui cop to be prosecuted for breaking tout's rib

Assault victim Alfred Mutua told the press at Kwa Vonza market that he wanted to see the policeman punished.

Calm returns at Kwa-Katile Primary after fracas

Five parents were arrested and held at Kyuso police station over the chaos

Massive security operation in Kitui after two killed

Somali herder and member of the Kamba community murdered on Sunday

Kitui workers back on strike after salary promise fails

Had called it off last months after an agreement with Ngilu that they'd get paid.

Kyuso hospital closed as row over casuals hiring heightens

Management send staff home fearing unrest and insecurity from disgruntled locals.

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