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BIO: Monicah Mwangi is a photojournalist with The Star Newspaper.

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Euthanasia: Why some people would consider it

Most terminally sick patients and especially those who have cancer live a low-quality life during their last days

Sicily Kariuki's unlikely journey to the top

Twice, she walked to former Treasury CS Rotich, asked him to stop killing her with work.

Long distance travel booking made easier

Platform enables travellers from the region book their tickets in advance.

Her life matters

They prayed, danced and sang with the hope that the killings women across the country in the past few months would end.

Pay we set you free: How cops trap motorists

One motorist needed Sh1,100 in Sh100 bribes to travel smoothly from Nairobi to Mombasa.

How the law exposes traffic offenders

Cops use legal loopholes to turn motorists into cash cows.

Do not pick it if you did not drop it

Unexploded bombs from age-old operations have killed many residents.

I wouldn’t exchange cremation for any other job — Nderitu Maina

“What I enjoy most is the point where I turn the body around as it burns."

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