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Elsa Majimbo in fresh online tiff with Kenyans

The Kenyan US-based celebrity has been in a feud with Kenyans for a long time.

Andrew Kibe's YouTube account terminated

"The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated," read a YouTube Notice.

Breakdown of Sh1m Gemini Club bill that has stunned many

Some citizens are not feeling the pinch of the economy and can spend a million on drinks.

Shakib speaks after Zari embarrassed him in leaked audio

In leaked audio, Zari tells the person that she was dismayed at his lack of confidence.

I can't fail to have Sh500,000 on my phone - Mulamwah brags

"Mimi ni msee wa kujipanga, mtu asifikirie nina doh mingi tunapata."

Zari denies her bae Shakib was her late husband's watchman

"To set the record straight. Shakib has never worked for Ivan."

Colonel Mustapha opens up about his viral 'mjengo' video

The rapper said that it is not a music video as is alleged.

Amber Ray cancels her baby shower last minute

Said the cancellation was due to unavoidable circumstances.

Juma Jux spotted with Vanessa Mdee lookalike in same plane

The musician is back with the woman with whom he was linked with in 2022.

Queen of Pop Madonna is in Kenya for holiday

The legendary singer joins a long list of celebs who come to Kenya on holiday.

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