Correspondent, West Pokot

BIO: Maryann Chai has worked as Radio Africa correspondent in West Pokot since 2010. She is also a qualified accountant.

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West Pokot leaders decry high siltation in Turkwel Dam

Lonyangapuo says Kengen, KVDA had plans to set up roads and plant trees along dam.

Night church crusades guise for FGM — activists

They say circumcisers and parents disguise the illegal parties as church crusades and cut their girls.

Pregnant women urged to deliver in hospital

Executive says 400 women out of 100,000 lose lives during childbirth

Amend law to allow counties to buy drugs from other suppliers

The county and national governments have been buying medicines from the Kenya Medical Supplies Association

Lonyangapuo asks politicians to stop in early campaigns

Governor says he is amazed by some leaders behaving as if the Presidency is vacant

West Pokot distributes sahiwal bulls, galla goats to boost production

Lonyangapuo says indigenous breeds encourage cattle rustling.

Lonyangapuo to woo Canadian, EU investors

Peace has been restored in the region and Turkana, West Pokot counties want to embark on developing the region.

West Pokot youths plan to reduce teen pregnanciesWest Pokot youths launch plan to reduce teen pregnancies

Report shows 30 out of 100 girls in the county get pregnant before finishing school.

West Pokot distributes cows to boost milk production

Most farmers in the area still raise local breeds

Give MCAs devolution money, say West Pokot residents

Say commissions collect views of wananchi but never produce results.

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