Correspondent, West Pokot

BIO: Maryann Chai has worked as Radio Africa correspondent in West Pokot since 2010. She is also a qualified accountant.

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Mother loses tooth protecting girl from abductors

Five young Pokot men stormed Loice Lonyang's house and abducted her KCPE daughter

Sh1 billion loan given for Wei Wei irrigation scheme

The release of the funds will see 325 hectares of additional land under irrigation.

Computer illiteracy hindering digital learning in West Pokot

Theft of tablets and computer illiteracy a big challenge to digital learning.

Joint peace efforts to end border clashes between Pokot, Karamajong and Turkana

Warring communities will engage in joint cultural festivals and entrepreneurial projects.

Slain livestock trader laid to rest

He and his friend are suspected to have been killed by police officers

North Rift leaders, residents pray for peace

This year’s theme was seeking God's face

Two girls attempt suicide in school, one dies

14-year-olds sneaked out with games team and bought 50ml insecticide.

Carry your own cross, Lonyangapuo tells Kachapin

The suspicious withdrawals were made from various accounts in one month.

West Pokot leaders, residents demand action over killings

Protest follow recovery of 2 bodies dumped inside a forest.

State to flush out criminals from Embobut Forest

Police Reservists to be given back their guns as soon as vetting is concluded.

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