Correspondent, West Pokot

BIO: Maryann Chai has worked as Radio Africa correspondent in West Pokot since 2010. She is also a qualified accountant.

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Governor Lonyangapuo concedes defeat

“I ask all political parties to give Kachapin humble time to lead the county."

UDA supporters protest in West Pokot over poor network

The youth say the IEBC is delaying to announce the results.

Pokot elders to perform rituals next month after fall of Mugumo tree

The event cannot be performed this month since in Pokot culture July is a closed month

State buys, slaughters W. Pokot livestock for drought relief

More than 1,300 animals will be slaughtered, meat donated as relief.

Low-income girls need supply of sanitary pads — NGOs

They have attributed absenteeism to lack of sanitary pads.

Fish farming fights malnutrition in West Pokot

Residents are eating fish,reducing malnutrition, improving livelihoods.

Nutritious porridge lifts nursery enrolment West Pokot

Feeding programme has increased enrolment and number of centres.

Allow barter trade to settle school fees — Lonyangapuo

West Pokot governor says one of his manifestos is to ensure all children are in school.

Agency to plant 500,000 trees in West Pokot to protect catchment

KVDA managing director Sammy Naporos says region needs proper conservation because serves two main rivers

Locked Bandits will be shot, politicians' phones tapped — W. Pokot officials

Longyangapuo urged disarmament, saying only police should handle guns.

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