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Akasha brother to be sentenced tomorrow

Baktash will be sentenced on Thursday and Ibrahim on Friday.

How relatives pounce once wives become widows

Clamour for property, kids as relatives take 'till death do us part' literally.

Court stops Kenyan woman from selling German ex-lover's land

Judge says she lacked enough evidence to prove she bought the land.

Teacher accused of sodomy denied bail 'for his safety'

He is accused of committing an indecent act with minors who are allegedly his students

Tycoon fights to clear name in fraud cases

Accused of taking Sh6.8 million cooking oil from Kilimanjaro Carvings Export Ltd

Kenya Ferry to pay suppliers within 30 days

They  include women, youths and persons living with disability.

Tanzanian gets 30 years for trafficking in heroin

Masoud was also fined Sh90 million for the offence committed in March 2018.

End in sight for 15-year battle over tycoon's empire

Boor died in 2004 without a will, leaving family fighting over his empire.

Primary school teacher charged with sodomising two students

Mukangali pleaded guilty but said he had reservations and had no defence on it.

Mombasa accused of hiding behind residents to run KPA

KPA wants the appellate court to uphold the appeal and declare the dispute intergovernmental

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