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Lamu women venture into octopus fishing

Octopus is highly valued, but it also one of the hardest fish to catch

No power, no profit: Plight of Pate fishers

Some 17,000 fishers are making losses as brokers exploit them

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa freed on Sh2 million cash bail

Jumwa was charged with money laundering, conflict of interests as well as fraud.

Early marriage: Parents throw pregnant teens under the bus

Attempt to save face is ruining girls' lives, with greed for dowry put first

Tears of Owino Uhuru residents wiped at last

They are apprehensive as to whether Sh1bn award will be honoured

Owino Uhuru slum gets Sh1.3bn for lead poisoning

Court awards Sh1.3 billion to 3,000 residents who filed class action suit lead poisoning.

Women hold on to abusive marriages

Curfew and stay-at-home directives have stirred tensions in homes

Inside the mind of epileptic patients

Their greatest fear is getting a seizure while with strangers

HIV infection among gays rises as more fear testing

They fear talking openly about their HIV status due to social discrimination

Why Uhuru loves the Barka Restaurant

Sometimes he just shows up at VVIP lounge, other guests ushered out.

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