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Why Madaraka is yet to take us to Canaan

To end corruption, victims of graft must reject the jungle system.

Raila, Uhuru should uphold Ruto's right to visit Kiambu

I am not just defending DP's rights but our own as well.

The ideal President noble, practical, generous

We need a leader who is not a tribalist to unite us as Nyerere brought Tanzanians together.

Wind of change is sweeping across Africa

We must redefine leadership, which today means the opportunity to steal and enrich oneself.

Community-based leadership behind Ruto-Gideon supremacy wars

We have been doing politics of ethnic bulls that fathom no internal competition.

Kenya Power fleecing Kenyans with high charges

Uhuru’s legacy must not be merciless exploitation of the people by Kenya Power.

Housing levy is Pharaohs pyramids in Egypt

When I first heard about the Big Four, I thought Uhuru and his government had the money.

Fight against corruption losing sting and waning

Irrespective of who the President is, Kenyans have a right to live in a corruption free society.

When will AG Kihara authorise torture victims' compensation?

Remember, we are not here talking about two individuals

Kalenjins are not corrupt, some elites are

To survive, corruption is using the ideology of negative ethnicity

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