Former Subukia MP and Rights Activist
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Lessons from Scandinavia: Let's build our heaven on earth

I came home to create Kenya’s heaven on earth that I could own and enjoy.

Government should give free cancer treatment

Only universal medical care can guarantee that no one goes untreated for lack of money.

Why the corrupt don’t fear Uhuru's graft crackdown

They know their communities will exonerate them.

Judges don't care whether people accept justice or not

Either people have no capacity to comprehend justice or judges are like witch doctors.

Celebrating black colonial civil servants, aka home guards

With our cleansing of home guards, what is the difference between them and ourselves?

Is Ruto crying wolf on assassinations?

Is history of assassinations repeating itself?

Why Madaraka is yet to take us to Canaan

To end corruption, victims of graft must reject the jungle system.

Raila, Uhuru should uphold Ruto's right to visit Kiambu

I am not just defending DP's rights but our own as well.

The ideal President noble, practical, generous

We need a leader who is not a tribalist to unite us as Nyerere brought Tanzanians together.

Wind of change is sweeping across Africa

We must redefine leadership, which today means the opportunity to steal and enrich oneself.

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