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Beginning of the end for Uhuru-Ruto

Since last year, the relationship between has been anything but cordial.

How geopolitics back Uhuru, Raila's post-2022 era

Fate has brought together Uhuru and Raila in a union that will offer a rare opportunity to lead Kenya in the new era

Fear of tampering with status quo led to weak PM

The BBI team should have been bold enough to recommend radical changes.

Will BBI exorcise the ghostof 1969 Mt Kenya oathing?

The electoral justice the BBI seeks to establish may only be achieved if it exorcised the ghost of the alleged 1969 ...

Elections easier won out of fear than love, hatred

There exist various instances in Kenya when fear has been deployed with achievements.

Politicians’ affinity to witchcraft makes them alter data

Some countries conduct censuses using data from population registers.

How BBI became Uhuru's poisoned chalice

Ever since its formation, the BBI has become the target of political pun.

Graft, cronyism to blame for university problems

The interplay of these narrow tribal confluence has provided fertile breeding ground for corruption.

Demonetisation failed to topple mountains of ill-gotten gains

There was no visible panic among quarters always fingered for sleaze.

Kibra is intertwined with Raila’s past and future

Any serious contender for the seat must contend with Raila’s legacy.

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