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Ruto's political fortunes lie outside government

The DP may escape the harsh verdict of the people on the Uhuru government

Why Uhuru should avoid anointing successor

The incoming President should also as far as possible avoid learning from Uhuru.

Why Uhuru's coalition is good for multiparty democracy

Those complaining after they miss the train should initiate their alternative alliances.

How Maraga outbursts put a case for referendum

The blurred situation is because the state and Executive are fused in one office

Raila faces test as BBI rallies head to Ruto's Rift Valley

The DP enjoys some near-fanatical following in the North Rift.

Vice-chancellors not opposed to reforms

Reform initiative gaining traction, with regular stakeholder forums.

How Ruto's attempt to play Raila's card in BBI failed

Raila emerged as a master strategist.

Beginning of the end for Uhuru-Ruto

Since last year, the relationship between has been anything but cordial.

How geopolitics back Uhuru, Raila's post-2022 era

Fate has brought together Uhuru and Raila in a union that will offer a rare opportunity to lead Kenya in the new era

Fear of tampering with status quo led to weak PM

The BBI team should have been bold enough to recommend radical changes.

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