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Raila’s earned “Baba wa Taifa” status well deserved

His ability to put the interest of the nation above his has earned him a position above his peers

KANYADUDI: Infrastructure, healthcare and education to inform best bet for presidency

These three policy considerations would help in assuring Kenyans of sufficient personal income and less taxes.

KANYADUDI: Ruto’s edge over Raila in grassroots mobilisation

ODM leader may find himself the status quo candidate as Ruto leads the downtrodden movement.

KANYADUDI: Ruto’s uphill task in undoing hustler narrative

Raila’s Azimio la Umoja remains the only credible national alternative to the hustler movement

Avoid ethnic mobilisation for political power at all costs

When power is pursued through ethnic balkanisation, the consequences are horrific

OKA’s: Join another alliance or push through to 2022?

The dilemma facing the OKA principals require they either take it by the horns or go through the horns.

Uhuru has pushed DP to a win-win position in Executive spat

The spat between the President and his deputy is a threat to national stability, security.

KANYADUDI: Ruto's model doesn't compare to Biden's policy

Labour intensive vs skills driven economy and the dangers of opulence in illiteracy

KANYADUDI: Kenya faces 1st test of presidential runoff in 2022

Raila, Ruto will likely emerge top of the pack, but without the threshold of 50% + 1

KANYADUDI: 2022 presidential poll promises no excitement

It's a foregone conclusion it'll be a Ruto-Raila duel and no major competing issues

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