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Demonetisation failed to topple mountains of ill-gotten gains

There was no visible panic among quarters always fingered for sleaze.

Kibra is intertwined with Raila’s past and future

Any serious contender for the seat must contend with Raila’s legacy.

Referendum a pre-season match between Raila, Ruto

Kenyans have now been adequately psychologically prepared for a referendum.

Governors have no right to demand an extra coin

The Senate and the National Assembly should unite to ensure counties are transparent.

How funerals moved from culture to business

There are corrupt behaviours of the funeral organizing committees.

No turning back on graft war for Uhuru

War on graft is a pillar of his legacy.

Uhuru best positioned to break up Kieleweke, Tanga Tanga

We're in danger of civil strife and economic stagnation will forever hang on Kenya.

Mt Kenya CSs' meeting dangerous

Individuals may be recommended to the President by various quarters but once appointed, they serve the country.

Kenya hurtling into world of extreme politics

Recent activities by the Kieleweke and Tangatanga groups point to a polarised general election.

Why Trump is still favourite in 2020 polls

Within two years in office he has rewritten the international relations protocol.

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