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Waiguru seeks Senate intervention after MCAs reject budget

The money, she claimed, was reallocated to ward offices among other matters.

Sonko-Badi rivalry plays out in Senate committee

Governor came without documents, claiming Badi has been blackmailing him with impeachment

Cash-sharing formula watershed for Uhuru’s agenda in Parliament

Senators have taken the method personal; has impact on people and their political futures.

Sonko, NMS power struggles play out during Senate grilling

Governor says he doesn't have documents to explain the queries, blames NMS.

Why it will take longer to fill vacant IEBC slots

Senators have introduced amendment to the IEBC Bill passed by MPs

Samboja grilled over lack of documents for audit

Some Sh10.6 million worth of imprests were outstanding for more than six months.

End Nandi police killings, mysterious murders - leaders

At least six Nandi people killed in the last month, lawmakers demand answers, arrests.

Senators launch probe into Lessos police killings

Nandi Senator Cherargei seeks House intervention to ensure victims get justice.

Cash-sharing formula standoff persists as senators defer debate

Two camps clashed in the senate over the proposed method

Kidero gloats as city revenue hits all-time low

Former governor says the meagre collection proves he was hands-on in managing the capital.

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