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House of Shame: History of bribery allegations in Parliament

The August House has been hit by a wave of bribery allegations

Wambora put on the spot over dwindling own-source revenue

Embu governor also placed under fire for poor absorption of development allocation.

Kenyans abroad to enjoy state services just like locals if bill passed

Foreign CS to develop policies to safeguard the interests of Kenyans abroad

How counties will share Sh370bn with new revenue formula

Senators unanimously pass the formula after months of standoff

Bill vests National Anthem’s copyright in government perpetually

The current 50-year duration will be scrapped if the proposed law is enacted

Firm at centre of medical kits project protests to Senate over damning report

The Senate committee's damning report accuses PKF of misadvising the government.

Senate finally approves third basis revenue sharing formula

41 senators on Thursday voted to approve the formula after months of standoff .

Senate committee reaches consensus on revenue formula

Formula to be introduced on the floor this afternoon as a report for debate and approval.

Senators blast Oparanya over counties' shutdown

They termed Oparanya a traitor and a liar attacking a House that defends devolution.

National Assembly put on the spot over TJRC report

National Assembly on the spot for sitting on TJRC report.

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