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Two inmates lose case on unlawful disclosure of  HIV status

Tribunal says duo did not present any credible evidence to sustain claim

Misperception of judicial graft comes from losers, says Ouko

'We are very deeply tribal, even in this commission,' the judge says, adding there's no simple prescription to cure the ...

Judge on the spot for freeing murder suspects to be cleansed

Justice Sergon says he is dynamic and that will not be a trend

'Progressive' judge Ouko to join Supreme Court bench

He replaces Justice Jacktone Ojwang who retired last year in February.

JSC nominates Justice Ouko for Supreme Court judge

The JSC on Wednesday unanimously agreed on his nomination.

Sergon grilled over cleansing ceremonies for murder suspects

He set free suspects for them to go through a traditional cleansing ceremony

Ouko faults JSC, Supreme Court over tribalism, language use

Ouko however said he doesn't have a remedy he can tell the JSC to use.

Judge Nderi defends his suitability for Supreme Court bench

Asks apex court to follow the example of Colombia and draw members from diverse sections

Most gays suffer psychological problem — Supreme Court prospect

Says he is a Christian believer and God did not intend for homosexuality to exist.

Lumumba blames cases backlog on Judiciary's regulations

Says rules, regulations has made the road on which justice travels to be narrow.

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