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Locked CJ Koome: ‘Sacred’ judicial independence under attack

Under checks and balances, the Judiciary can rule on actions by the Executive and Parliament.

Open letter to the former President Uhuru Kenyatta

Most former Presidents went into retirement and were forgotten just like that.

Meet the Kenyan lighting up Saudi Arabia with art

Khalai Jimase’s portraits are a breath of fresh air in land of black and white

Rasta's lawyer paid in peanuts, honey, akala sandals

"It is the highest pay I have received since I started practicing law for a living"

Court unfreezes South Sudan minister's bank account

The cash was not proceeds of crime but was partly his salary and partly rental income from his property

Company wants court to stop retendering for Kiems supply

The Public Administrative Review Board demanded the tender be done afresh

Bird droppings force Gilgil community to vacate land

Community claimed was livelihood, KDF said maize attracted birds that left guano.

All cases to be completed within three years, says Koome

Chief Justice says appeals will be heard and determined within one year.

Judges arrest interferes with Judiciary independence — CJ Koome

Chief Justice wants complaints against judges and magistrates lodged with the Judicial Service Commission

Duo sues State over Ruto GSU officer withdrawal

The two say the move is against the law and the Constitution.

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