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Is Constitution about one man one vote one shilling’?

Would the political voices from Central accept Nairobi be treated on the same basis?

When is it right for Parliament to pass laws on counties?

National level politicians have an almost irresistible urge to tell counties what to do.

Making, ratifying and implementing treaties is important

We need more active involvement of the people in previewing, pushing for useful treaties.

You don’t have as much freedom of expression as you think

“See what the people want to say, tell them they must ask for our permission first”.

Appointment of effective and independent judges not easy

The JSC, though not perfect, has made some excellent appointments.

Understanding Supreme Court case about Division of Revenue

Our Constitution was designed to improve transparency and democracy aspects of public finance processes.

Why is it so hard to discipline senior judges?

It is difficult to devise methods of disciplining judges and not expose them to the risk of being victimised

Do we need a state of emergency and what does it mean?

Just declaring a “state of emergency” does not give any powers to anyone.

Exam questions Covid-19 and the rule of law

Various courts have held hospitals must not detain people for bills, this would apply to quarantine facilities,

Brutality: Police give us cause to resent

What is going on in the mind of a cop who sees fit to beat a curfew violating driver?

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