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GHAI: Speakers – what and what is not their role?

Parliament is supposed to be an institution with some independence of mind and action

GHAI: Misuse, abuse of party list system

Parties either do not understand the system – or do not want to understand it because it would interfere with their ...

GHAI: Open letter to a newly elected senator

Your primary role is that of a bulwark for the whole devolution system

GHAI: Why we have commissions

Commissioners set the broad outlines of what is to be done, and how – deciding as the law requires

GHAI: Open letter to newly elected MP

Don’t forget the Constitution says voters have the right to recall their MPs.

GHAI: Politics shouldn’t be just about being on the winning side

After the elections, we see more rather undignified abandonment of alliances

GHAI: Women’s representation, Constitution and 2022 elections

What has been the impact of the recently concluded election on the make-up of elected bodies?

GHAI: CDF case in the Supreme Court

The Constitution, Schedule Four, lists the functions of counties.

GHAI: How to interview a judge

The tone of the interview should be non-confrontational, and candidates treated with dignity.

Locked GHAI: Reflections on Ruto’s promise to remove presidential immunity

Time to commit a crime but not to face its consequences?

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