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Why the issue of babies in Parliament is important

This produced stuffed-shirt behaviour as Duale fulminated, 'There's a stranger in this House.'

Proposal to have police in power of panel unconstitutional

Police investigate crime, but they no longer decide if a suspect should be prosecuted.

Courts are trying to wrestle with Constitution

Freedom of expression is important but speech can do harm.

Both Houses of Parliament should be viewed as equals

The Kenyan Senate has fewer powers than most second chambers in parliaments.

Is Thirdway Alliance’s proposal constitutional?

Perhaps we need a law on the procedure for the People’s Initiative.

Why the Constitution is not like a computer programme

Some constitutional provisions do in fact work almost automatically.

What does the law say about public service and dual nationals?

There is a sense that being a citizen means having a duty to be loyal to that country.

Open memo to Justice committee on amending Article 90

In 2013, very few people understood the system that Article 90 sets up.

The military is not some law-free zone

Constitution makes it clear that the time for the military to be insulated from the law has passed.

For policies to succeed, they must be constitutional

Public participation attracts a lot of attention — and is crucial for effective policymaking.

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