Director, Katiba Institute

GHAI: Was Ruto's 'State of Nation' address to wrong audience?

He was not addressing the people, it sounded like a campaign speech.

GHAI: Ordinary day in life of the constitution of Kenya

The constitution does not always produce an immediate answer but sets standards.

GHAI: Death, life, the constitution – and the judges

Drafting of Bill on death sentence, life imprisonment confusing, holey, needs rewriting.

GHAI: The gender principle: Here's what needs to be done

Deeply rooted prejudices mean many women would never want to be involved in public life.

GHAI:Will new bill resolve Houses' tensions?

If the houses disagree about a bill, a mediation committee must try to resolve the same.

GHAI: Is Waiguru talking sense about governors' impeachment?

The Constitution says very little about recall

JILL GHAI: Changing Constitution to benefit the youth?

People must use their powers under the Constitution to protest, express themselves

GHAI: Floor crossing is again under the spotlight

It assumes the affected party must give members fair hearing and inform ORPP.

GHAI: County boundaries (for new counties): another crisis?

There is a tendency to change constitution to solve problems that it could solve.

GHAI: Boundary review process: What is the crisis?

Ideally constituencies should have about the same number of people to attain equal representation.

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