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GHAI: Why parties should prioritise two-thirds gender rule

Will the courts finally say “Enough is enough” and uphold Justice Mwita’s ruling?

The BBI case – Can you sue Mr Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta?

Being liable to be sued or prosecuted for wrongdoing is an important way of achieving accountability.

GHAI: Thinking about the BBI case – 'basic structure'

The basic structure theory may make a comeback when needed, as the courts defend the Constitution

GHAI: What’s in a word? NCIC and hate speech words ban

The commission is trying to alert politicians (particularly) to the potential impact of common words and phrases

GHAI: BBI in Supreme Court – President and popular initiative

A popular initiative was for the people. That is what the word popular means

COTTRELL GHAI: Death, dignity, respect and the Constitution

The law always has problems with the dead. They have no rights, not even to decent burial.

Of party hopping legislators and constituency hopping voters

Politicians hop to maximize their chances of getting elected. Some have already done it.

GHAI: What is the value to society of the Kenya Police?

There is the realisation that the police are not really effective at dealing with major criminal activity

GHAI: Ways Kenyan Constitution seems better than others

The Kenyan constitution is full of national values and principles, not just in Article 10 but throughout the text.

GHAI: Kenyans are dying. What does the Constitution say?

Kenyans may die during the election period. Indeed some signs of violence are already there

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