Director, Katiba Institute

Why criminalising attempted suicide should be reconsidered

Historically, suicide itself was a crime in various western countries.

Ban on employers insisting on Certificates of Good Conduct not adequate answer

A serious policy discussion about dealing with past convictions, in employment is needed.

Constitution fixes our next election as next year, period!

Any idea that the President is entitled to a full five-year term and must be compensated is faulty.

Covid-19 and elections: How relevant is African Court case for Kenya?

Our Constitution leaves no space for any postponement of an election that is not specifically provided for in it.

Supreme Court finally gets to grips with socio-economic rights

Article 43 says everyone has the right to certain elements of what we might call a decent life

JILL GHAI: Is CJ Koome vs Parliament another crisis?

Busy public officers shouldn't spend too much of their time answering MP's questions.

Should full-time state officer have gainful employment?

A full-time State officer shall not participate in any other gainful employment.” (Article 77(1)

GHAI: Judiciary shouldn't be subservient to government

Rigid interpretations of Constitution by judges can definitely be obstacles to progress.

How Kenya’s unwritten constitution can frustrate the document people adopted

Medieval kings could do whatever they wanted, our President cannot, he's bound by the Constitution.

What all this talk about activist judges?

To attack judges for being “activist” is not in any sense the end of an argument

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