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Locked GHAI: Land tax, the Constitution and controversy

Parliament has been in violation of this duty for the last 11 years.

Locked Should retired Presidents leave the stage?

Presidential Retirement Benefits Act prevents a retired President holding office in a political party for more than ...

Locked GHAI: The Constitution, the summit and the presidency

The constitutional dimension of the summit between the President and the Council of Governors

GHAI: Freedom of expression, defamation law and compensation windfalls

To win compensation, a person must show what was said or written about them would lower them in the opinion of other ...

DP's liquor threats: You don’t govern by flourishing fly-whisk

The DP should not tell the counties how to decide what is within their mandate.

Locked GHAI: Parliamentary or presidential system? –Not easy question

We can improve the situation within the scope of the current Constitution, which may not be properly applied now.

GHAI: How (not) to impeach a governor

There seems to have been some unwise behaviour, including some rather immature behaviour in Meru

GHAI: Changing the Constitution — for whose benefit?

BBI Opposition leader appeared a way to accommodate politicians who failed to get elected.

GHAI: Removal of commissioner a constitutional conundrum

One of the most basic principles of justice is that you don’t get the chance to decide who will rule on a case that ...

GHAI: Public money down the drain – who is responsible?

Kenya had the fourth largest delegation in the world to the CoP27 climate change conference in Egypt.

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