Director, Katiba Institute

Governors should not have immunity from prosecution

Immunity of presidents is a throwback to pre-modern monarchs.

Senators have shown little regard for their profession’s ethics

There is a written law that prevents senators from practicing as lawyers.

Options to Nairobi leadership crisis after Sonko charging

No one except the DG may deputise for or act as governor when there is a governor in office.

Neither BBI nor debate on it is strengthening democracy

Reactions to the report so far seem to be equally devoid of democratic principles.

Okoa Mombasa! Okoa Kiambu! Do the counties need saving?

It has been hard for elements of the national government to accept logic of devolution.

Numbers and Constitution: Small numbers matter, too

Census been major news focus, No-one complains “their” own numbers are too large.

How to impeach a president or governor

A successful presidential impeachment seems even less likely here than in the US

Business, not just government, must respect human rights

The government must do more than not breach our rights.

Interesting week for parliamentary systems of government

Parliamentary system no guarantee that arbitrary, and anti-democratic, action will not take place.

Is constitutional change really what we need?

Constitution often does say something about the behaviour that the public tend to deplore.

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