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GHAI: Conflict of Interest Bill, the Constitution and Gen Z

Public officers should get rid of assets that may give rise to conflicts of interest

Constitutional perspective on some aspects of recent events

Getting rid of presidents, cabinets, parliaments, MPs and recalling bills must die.

We’re all consumers and constitution tries to protect us

Those responsible for losses by individuals made a lot of money out of breaking the law.

GHAI: Muguka, counties and the Constitution

No national law makes growing, using or possessing khat, under any name, illegal.

GHAI: Cabinet, Cabinet Secretaries and constitutional history

We have learned if the President does not want a CS impeached by the National Assembly, it won’t happen.

COTTRELL GHAI: Dear Deputy President…

Once you are elected, the Constitution almost expects you to cease to be a Kikuyu but the DP of all the people.

GHAI: Flooding menace: Where does the buck stop?

The human rights of perhaps millions have been affected. But there is no effective remedy.

GHAI: Thinking about right to education

'Right to Education' trips off the tongue, but what does it really mean?

GHAI: More ways to kill Constitution than repealing

Too many people in public life do not seem to have even read the Constitution.

GHAI: 'Living within our means' –What does Constitution say?

Political class gets away with high salaries and needless extravagances.

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