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JEBET: So many hopefuls, so little room in Oka

There is an elephant in the room that the Oka brigade is trying so hard to ignore: The final lineup for 2022

JEBET: Raila is getting isolated

All Nasa principals have left for OKA and ODM cannot be the only party in the alliance.

JEBET: Past deceptions make Mudavadi cautious about Nasa

Uhuru, Ruto deceived a trusting Mudavadi and dumped him when it was convenient.

JEBET: Why Kalonzo can't shake watermelon moniker

It will be tough for him to ascend to the top if he maintains his current attitude

Will Uhuru win Raila back?

And if he comes back, wouldn’t this sound the death knell for One Kenya Alliance?

Gideon shouldn’t relent in State House bid

The high stake political competition between Ruto and Gideon is so deep that it has divided the Talai elders

Last year’s dark political cloud will only get bigger and darker

What happens in the next three years will be decided this year.

Why the crack in Jubilee will only get bigger

Tangatanga is a euphemism for anti-BBI, anti-handshake and anti-Big Four agenda.

Brace for 2020 political tornado

Beginning of shifts that will see ODM join the super alliance with Wiper.

Gideon vs Ruto: Who will carry the day?

The senator consolidating his camp, but the DP is not ceding ground.

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