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Last year’s dark political cloud will only get bigger and darker

What happens in the next three years will be decided this year.

Why the crack in Jubilee will only get bigger

Tangatanga is a euphemism for anti-BBI, anti-handshake and anti-Big Four agenda.

Brace for 2020 political tornado

Beginning of shifts that will see ODM join the super alliance with Wiper.

Gideon vs Ruto: Who will carry the day?

The senator consolidating his camp, but the DP is not ceding ground.

Universal healthcare in ICU

UHC will be a pipedream if patients in public hospitals are forced to look for drugs elsewhere.

Uhuru not walking the talk on gender parity

In a Cabinet of 22 there are only six women. Is that success?

Corruption has no tribe

Graft war in this country is one of the most difficult tasks but it must go on.

Rift Valley shifts could spell doom for Tangatanga squad

There are more politicians waiting for the opportune time to jump ship.

Ruto's agents of failure: Political novices

Political betrayal is in vogue, especially as we head full throttle to 2022 politics.

CCM, Kanu complicate Jubilee Rift Valley game plan

Rift Valley braces itself for three major parties galloping towards the 2022 polls.

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