Executive Director, Haki Africa

It’s a dog’s life for Taita Taveta women

Meanwhile, the authorities have turned a blind eye.

Amplifying coastal women’s voices in politics

Kenyan politics, especially at the Coast, has been thought to be a man’s field.

Swahili people have a right to exist

Their presence on the East African Coast spans centuries.

Mombasa dying a slow and painful death

It would appear the city has fast degenerated from Mombasa Raha to Mombasa Karaha.

A safe Mombasa requires multi-faceted approach

Time to overhaul the entire economic framework of Mombasa and Coast.

Three cancer patients die, one not RIP

Esther was denied treatment at KNH for failing to pay Sh1,950.

Shrinking civic space in Kenya a worrying concern

Arrest of human rights defenders unconstitutional.

Setback in fight against extremism

Proposed amendment unconstitutional and violates fundamental rights and freedoms.

MCAs: Merchants of devolved corruption

It would appear the MCAs are becoming a law unto themselves

Human rights-based approach to countering violent extremism

Each county now has a plan to rapidly mobilise resources to stop extremist elements.

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