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Kenyan parents need relief on schools fees

Taking children back to school in this Covid-19 era of short school terms and soaring prices is stressful, ...

Why Kenyans are apathetic to voter registration

Kenyans have no confidence in elections and consider it a sham and wastage of resources.

Khalid: Respect women rights to sexual choice

Inconsiderate sharing of sex video shamed Coast women into hiding

Cost of living unbearable and getting worse

Despite suffering and economic decline, state has jacked up fuel prices to raise revenue,

Police have a duty to investigate extrajudicial killings

DCI is yet to probe how 11 people were killed and thrown into Tana River

KHALID: Politicians must tone down political rhetoric

Kenyans have seen politicians, including the President and his deputy, going at each other publicly

KHALID: Enforced disappearances won’t win war on terrorism

Many cases of outright impunity have been presented as case studies of enforced disappearances.

KHALID: End blame game, make justice accessible

If we support justice actors, we will have won a big part of the battle against crime.

KHALID: Kids defiled, elderly killed as cops and chiefs watch

Rights and responsibilities are applied selectively with those in rural communities ignored.

KHALID: African states taking away human rights guarantees

The time has come for Africa to rise. The time has come for Kenya to take lead in the Africa uprising

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