Executive Director, Haki Africa

Torture camps are real and still operate in Kenya

We must demand answers from the state, particularly CS Fred Matiang’i.

Moi left many lessons for us

Moi was a political schemer who waded the turbulent waves and rough seas of politics.

Tsavo Park has become dumping site for tortured bodies

Time has come for Kenyans to call for an end to torture and murder.

BBI: Kenyans don't need a costly government

Politicians shouting loudest instead of allowing people to air views.

Politicians not above the law, stop pampering them

Politicians have received favourable treatment when facing criminal charges.

Let’s make a revolution in 2020

Economic injustice was at its peak in 2019.

No doubt we Kenyans are fools

Piece a reminder that the power of the people is stronger than the people in power.

Youth need to stand up for their rights

They bear the brunt of most human rights abuses.

Nexus between democracy and human rights

Human rights are an integral pillar of a free society.

Youth must resist the corrupt

They bear the brunt of this immorality.

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