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KHALID: State must act on plight of Kenyan workers in Gulf

It is hoped that through the labour committee, recommendations will be presented to protect these workers

Defending human rights defenders

The worsening human rights situation has exacerbated the poor state of mental health for defenders

KHALID: Attempts to intimidate lawyers won't work

We must never allow ourselves to be drowned in human rights violations and abuses at any cost

KHALID: Coast will only elect leaders who will revive port

Through ill-informed and discriminative policies, port operations have been moved to the inland depot

KHALID: Why IEBC needs to extend voter registration period

Out of the 4.5 million target, only 800,462 have registered so far.

Only the curfew is over, Covid-19 still a threat

With the lifting of the curfew comes new challenges

Kenyan parents need relief on schools fees

Taking children back to school in this Covid-19 era of short school terms and soaring prices is stressful, ...

Why Kenyans are apathetic to voter registration

Kenyans have no confidence in elections and consider it a sham and wastage of resources.

Khalid: Respect women rights to sexual choice

Inconsiderate sharing of sex video shamed Coast women into hiding

Cost of living unbearable and getting worse

Despite suffering and economic decline, state has jacked up fuel prices to raise revenue,

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