Executive Director, Haki Africa

When cops, public become jurors and executioners, it is jungle law

Rule of law a legal principle, demands strict adherence and fidelity to the law.

Respect freedom of religion and belief

It is the cornerstone of all other rights and freedoms.

Justice key to unlocking development

With a strong Constitution, educated workforce and a thriving youth population, the future looks bright.

Understand Coast grievances to fix them

Haki Africa has for years interacted with victims of human rights violations and underdevelopment at the Coast.

Has devolution lived up to its billing?

While there are exemplary counties, such as Makueni, the vast majority have been total flops.

MPs’ gluttony a slap in the face

Barely a week ago, on Labour Day, government turned down workers’ request for a 15% increase to the minimum wage.

Amendment to Public Order Act in bad taste

Amendment is meant to derail the democratic gains Kenyans have made since dark days of 1980s.

Fake and real cops: What's the difference?

This incident has raised not only more questions than answers but also lots of concerns

State House should get Uhuru his own airstrip

We ask that you be human and think of other Kenyans. A little road courtesy won't hurt

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