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Sexual offences on the rise during coronavirus pandemic

Document attributes it to people having a lot if time, children being home.

Boy, 13, shot dead in third curfew tragedy

Probe ordered, cops' weapons to be forensically examined. DPP wants file.

Life sentence cut to 30 years for man accused of defiling two

He pleaded guilty then withdrew plea, denied charges, appealed conviction.

Keeping children indoors 'difficult, upcountry only option'

City parents take kids to rural homes 'as some have work, homeschooling hard'.

Slum life in the time of Corona

Beatrice boards a n upcountry bus with her children hoping they will be safe.

Makueni nun, 10 family members quarantined

Police said they will keep an eye on the family in case of any movements.

Overcrowding, water scarcity make slums vulnerable to Covid-19

Residents government wants them to wash our hands; taps are dry.

DPP gives guidelines on handling of cases

Maraga said all active criminal and civil cases should be suspended for two weeks.

Judiciary suspends cases for two weeks over coronavirus

Maraga ordered magistrate courts to review bail terms for those in remand.

Curse of the two-wheeled contraptions Lack of formal training, insurance, database, lax enforcement

Lack of formal training, insurance, database, lax enforcement.

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