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'Haunted' man killed father for selling land

Confessed because demons or his father's ghost were tearing off his flesh.

Older slum kids, teens most undernourished

Scavenging, sleeping hungry, eating stale food, begging, stealing, prostitution.

Over 700 houses in Kenya death traps — report

There are thousands of unapproved buildings in Nairobi at risk of collapse

Man denies multiple land title forgeries for Sh210m property

The multimilliion-shilling propertuy is in Mavoko, Machakos county

Suffering, sinful Kenya needs divine intervention

• President Uhuru Kenyatta convenes inter-faith National Prayer Weekend. • Political and religious leaders preach and ...

Uhuru leads Kenyans during national prayers

The prayers was attended by political leaders from both sides of the political divide.

18 arrested for torching Kakamega police base

Mob of 200 protesting disappearance of missing man said to have been freed.

Thika family stuck in endless court battles in bid to recover land

Mary Dames family has been trying to repossess their land since 2004.

Mathare boy, 5, begs for food as father too drunk to provide

The father says he earns too llittle to support a child

Woman seeks help to get child from 'violent' ex-boyfriend

Man says wife left with child while he was in hospital, but wife says she left after he battered her.

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