Alla Tkachuk

Art Reviewer

BIO: Alla Tkachuk is a creativity-education specialist and the founder of MASK Prize

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Motivating young creativity and innovation

Successful candidates will receive cash prizes or secure internships

The young can lead through creativity

They have a 'do it yourself' ethos that breeds brilliance

Challenge the way of living

Staice’s work speaks about vitality and the spirit of youth.

An online exhibition by young photographers

Expo features photographers from Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Ethiopia

Lack of creativity hampers Covid response

Without creative people in government, a better tomorrow is not possible

Kigera Njau: The pursuit of the future

Creativity is the force of my life, he says

Alpha Odhiambo: Make art public

It must be available in daily life for everyone, he says

The best of the nation: Margaret Ngigi, the artist at heart

She was one of the winners of the MASK Prize in 2019

How art helps to change society

When I have ideas, I just create art and all is well, says Chris Waweru, 21

The gene-culture coevolution theory

People from different cultures perceive and think differently

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