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Somalia opposition cry foul ahead of Galmudug election

The latest accusations came moments after a two-week reconciliation conference.

Somali government slaps Jubaland State with more sanctions

This is in a bid to crippling it into submission and to tow the government line, local media reports

Somalia and Kenya face off in Hague and Kismayu

In retaliation to Madoobe’s win, Somalia immediately threw a weak punch

Al Shabaab bribing elders to have an MP in 2020 polls

In previous election models, the clans directly nominated the MPs.

Madobe's re-election another headache for Farmaajo

The outcome is a huge blow to President Mohamed Farmaajo's re-election in 2020.

Drama awaits Jubaland poll as two parliaments named

President Madobe likely to be re-.elected and his govt will continue to operate in isolation.

All eyes on Jubaland State elections in Somalia

Battle lines have been drawn and daggers drawn as Ethiopia openly sides with the Somalia government.

Lessons for the region from Sudan Uprising

Tens of thousands of civilians continue to defy the temporary military rule extension.

Social media enhances Somali incitement

Most of the Somali Facebook videos are politically motivated

Rare good news from Somalia

The bomb was more deadlier than the one that exploded on October 14, 2017

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