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Any Kenyan who thinks MCAs care about them is in for a rude shock

If we haven't learnt the lessons of 2008, the big, bad world is waiting with lessons of its own

No, America should not 'accept and move on'

The 2020 election may not have been fraudulent, but the fact that millions of Americans think it was requires action.

America no longer the shining city on the hill

Becoming aware of this would change how the rest of the world talks about the country

Why Africa must learn to rely on itself in handling pandemics

During pandemics, commitments to global equity should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt

Trump not wrong to question US election

Much ink has also been spilt on harmful effects of gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Why my 'US failed state' Twitter thread went viral

It was viewed nearly 4 million times, with over 50,000 likes, half as many retweets.

After messy election US must build a truly democratic future

Biden has been charged with undoing chaos of the Trump years and healing divisions.

Many African states do elections much better than US does

It may perhaps be more accurate to say that it is about to do an election in blackface

Kenyan prisons are still inhumane and deplorable

Kenya could look to her pre-colonial past for ideas on how to deal with crime.

Does the world still need the West?

The evaporation of Western prestige and hubris will have consequences for democracy in other parts of the world.

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