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September 9/11: How war on terrorism has influenced Kenya

Kenya has battled terrorists on its own territory, even before Global War on Terror arrived in the region

'Radical' preachers not entirely responsible for radicalisation

Governments have latched onto the idea of “radicalization” to obscure the real grievances of their subjects over their ...

Kenya's contrast in democracy journey

Some may say that such a start-stop approach to democratization is to be expected in a consultative process but it is ...

GATHARA: Africa no longer the 'hopeless continent'

There is much that can be done by to prevent the spectre of mass misery and mortality

The danger of allowing soldiers in civilian spaces

Giving the military a taste for running the country would jumping from the frying pan into the fire

GATHARA: Political class not interested in fair polls

What they want are elections they can manipulate.

Fight over Francis Atwoli Road part of struggle to convert Nairobi into African city

Nairobi was not meant for Africans. The colonial government provided little in the way of housing and public services ...

GATHARA: Juneteenth; Not yet Uhuru

The fight for freedom from the colonial system continues to this day

PATRICK GATHARA: Judiciary a barrier to realisation of 2010 law governance vision

A good example of this is the continued detention of tens of thousands of Kenyans in our prisons

Racist oppression spans the entire globe

The racist nature of the international system should be openly called out.

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