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Why Africa does not appear to be ‘standing with Ukraine’

Why shouldn’t countries at the General Assembly, when pushed to stand with Ukraine, ask: “What about Palestine?”

GATHARA: Ukraine-Russia conflict exposes deep racism in Europe

It has been impossible to miss the shock among Caucasian journalists covering the war

GATHARA: The danger of 'single story' in Russia-Ukraine war

The media does not dwell too much on the many warnings about what Nato expansion would unleash

GATHARA: Democratic societies must learn to live with protests

People Power has been cheered ever since three days of demonstrations in the Philippines capital, Manila

GATHARA: Voter apathy: Elections are the problem, not youths

• Last October, the electoral commission set an ambitious target of adding six million to the voter register within a ...

GATHARA: Kenya's electoral process prone to abuse

Kenyans, however, still hope for a free and fair election in August

GATHARA: Possible impact of US Supreme Court ruling on abortion rights

The effect of the court’s ruling, when it comes next year, will probably be felt hardest outside the country.

GATHARA: Dropping charge against Babu Owino repugnant

The judge seemed to treat the case as a private prosecution or a civil case

Prince William's hypocrisy on Africa's population

Prince William blamed for linking African population growth with declining wildlife.

GATHARA: Media, airlines and Biden have failed Miguna

Withdrawal and defacing of his passport echoes the actions of dictatorial regimes

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